A girl born in the 1990s has become pregnant after breaking a condom to marry a wealthy family, but her husband’s monthly salary is only 6,000 yuan

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90 after the girl Ms. Zheng working in Beijing, a chance, Ms. Zheng was sent to Henan Zhengzhou on business.On the plane, Ms. Zheng recognized the man to Go to Zhengzhou with Mr. Yang.Mr. Yang claimed to have a number of companies in Hangzhou, but the love life is not very satisfactory, that Ms. Zheng is going to Zhengzhou to run business, and said that when he was young, he is also very hard, now the career is stable, rarely on business trips, see now Ms. Zheng, as if to see their young.Mr. Yang is not only humorous but also well-informed, and the two of them hit it off on the plane.Ms. Zheng seemed to be a successful man when she saw Mr. Yang. Despite the 16-year age difference, Ms. Zheng still took a liking to Mr. Yang. After the plane landed, they exchanged wechat accounts.After coming to Zhengzhou, two people run for their own work respectively.Mr. Yang took the initiative to make an appointment with Ms. Zheng several times, Mr. Yang romantically gave Ms. Zheng some small gifts, Ms. Zheng readily accepted.After drinking, the two naturally had sex and became lovers.After return to Beijing, Ms. Zheng frequently talk to Mr Yang, also yearning for further relationship with Mr Yang, live a luxury car shuttle, stay in the villa life, and often knock completely beside Mr Yang’s relationship with his wife, and each time Mr Yang to avoid this topic, Ms. Zheng also understand, Mr Yang said before going to divorce with his wife just amuse myself.However, Ms. Zheng, who intends to marry into a wealthy family, how willing to be a mistress, Ms. Zheng secretly quit her job in Beijing and went south to Hangzhou alone to Mr. Yang.After Hearing the news, Mr. Yang was shocked and found a community for Ms. Zheng to live in.Although the two often meet, But Mr. Yang never mentioned the matter of divorce, Ms. Zheng had to find a new way.Ms. Zheng, secretly determined that if she gave birth to Mr. Yang’s child, she could force him to divorce.Ms. Zheng also checked relevant legal provisions, children born out of wedlock enjoy the same rights as children born in wedlock, no organization or individual shall harm and discrimination.A rendezvous, Ms. Zheng secretly broke the condom, the effort pays off, Ms. Zheng successfully pregnant.Ms. Zheng took the hospital laboratory sheet to find Mr. Yang, Mr. Yang not only did not have a little happy appearance, but a question Of Ms. Zheng, secretly pregnant, do you want to destroy their family?Ms. Zheng, who had been neglected by Mr. Yang, jumped from the West Lake in order to attract attention. After being rescued, she publicized her relationship with Mr. Yang everywhere and looked for the media to stand up for justice.Zheng said that if Yang does not want to be responsible for her, it is ok as long as he pays the one-time maintenance fee, which Zheng also calculated is up to 1,013 million yuan, including the children’s living expenses, education fees, medical fees and other expenses.When the media took Ms. Zheng to Mr. Yang’s home, Ms. Zheng was dumbfounded. There was no garden villa, only an old residential building.And the reception is not Mr. Yang himself, but Mr. Yang’s wife.According to Yang’s wife, Yang is not the boss of any company, but an ordinary wage class with a monthly salary of 6,000 yuan.Yang’s wife also tried to persuade Zheng that there was no need for a girl in her 20s to get tangled up with a married man. If the baby was born, the family would certainly pay for it, but Yang could not afford the 10,000 yuan a month maintenance fee, and could only afford 2,000 yuan at most.In the final analysis, it was Ms. Zheng’s vanity that was deceived by a few words from a man.It is also naive to think that pregnancy can force a husband to divorce.Although children born out of wedlock enjoy the same rights as children born in wedlock in the legal sense, extramarital love is in violation of public order and good customs. The mistress wants to force out the first wife by relying on the child, which is impossible for the court to support.However, if Ms. Zheng and Mr. Yang can be found to live together, the two may constitute bigamy.According to article 258 of China’s Criminal Law, bigamy refers to a person who has a spouse and bigamy, or knowingly marries another person who has a spouse, and shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than two years or criminal detention.Bigamy in the law is interpreted as legal marriage and de facto marriage. Legal marriage means that the marriage relationship is registered with the relevant authorities, while de facto marriage means that the husband and wife live together.Mr. Yang has married, if verified, Mr. Yang is living with Ms. Zheng in the name of husband and wife, Mr. Yang constitutes bigamy.Ms. Zheng knows that Mr. Yang has been married, Ms. Zheng also constitutes bigamy.Someone can ask, Mr Yang cheats affection, whether constitute crime of fraud?Can tell you very clearly, does not constitute, the crime of fraud stipulated in our criminal law, is to defraud property, do not include feelings.Therefore, men who cheat and play with women’s feelings will only be morally condemned, not prosecuted by law.Young girls still want to put more thoughts on improving themselves, their own excellent, high vision, will not want to marry into the rich and powerful, after all, they are rich and powerful.What do you think about that?For more, follow Captain Martin The Pirate