Living with a virus?What will Taiwan look like in 2022

2022-07-24 0 By

Is it possible for Taiwan to co-exist with the virus?For this problem, National Taiwan University Hospital pediatrician Li Bingying expressed his opinion.He thinks it’s a scary thing to start “viral coexistence.”The omicron strain is now spreading rapidly and from many sources.However, at present, the island seems to be tired of the epidemic control, and people are accustomed to it. If we give up the epidemic control at this time, the island will face 50 to 100 deaths a day, just like other countries. This is a matter of the island’s medical burden, and has a great impact on the island’s economy.In general, Li doesn’t advocate so-called co-existence of the virus, but he does urge people to get vaccinated and get a third dose as soon as possible.In addition, Li bingying also used his own three doses of high-end vaccine as an example, he believes the Taiwan-made vaccine has the least side effects.In fact, the epidemic situation in the island has been under the “packaging” of the DPP authorities.All along, the DPP’s epidemic prevention measures have been illusionary, and its epidemic prevention policy has been nothing but lockdown.Even more deplorable is that the DPP administration in order to “promote” high-end vaccines without purchasing international vaccines, the end result is that Taiwan has become a poor “vaccine orphan”.In May 2021, the epidemic was raging in Taiwan, and the island’s economy was brought to a halt by the out-of-control epidemic.Although the outbreak appeared to be well under control in the island by the end of 2021, the situation soon changed on 4 January 2022.People can’t help asking how Taiwan will develop under the epidemic in 2022.Or we could look back to 2021.According to the General Administration of Customs, from January to November 2021, the Mainland imported 227.51 billion US dollars from Taiwan, up 26.2 percent year on year.Exports from the mainland to Taiwan reached us $70.77 billion, up 31.2% year on year.Taiwan’s trade surplus with the mainland reached us $156.74 billion, exceeding last year’s total trade surplus.It is not difficult to find from the data that despite the continuous deterioration of cross-Straits relations in recent years, the economy of both Taiwan and the mainland will show strong resilience in 2021.Of course, this is thanks to the “inclusiveness” of the mainland, which has spared no effort in encouraging and supporting Taiwan-invested enterprises.It is worth mentioning that the mainland has made it clear that it will continue to implement the preferential tax rate agreed by ECFA in 2022, which is probably also a “bumper” for the economic development of the island.However, despite the Chinese insistence, the political and economic game between the two sides will continue against the background of escalating sino-US confrontation and deteriorating cross-strait relations.It can be predicted that in 2022, the economic and trade relations between the two sides will still face great uncertainties despite the complex and volatile internal and external environment, and the growth of cross-Straits trade will slow down.Generally speaking, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) has been engaged in “opposing the Mainland” and “cross-strait confrontation” during the epidemic period, who does not know that the dilemma of Taiwan’s development will come soon after the epidemic.Taiwan’s economy depends on the mainland, and it is Taiwan that should be stressed, especially in tourism and agriculture.However, the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) is undermining cross-Straits relations for its own selfish ends. If it continues to undermine the status quo, trust on both sides of the Taiwan Straits will diminish and only Taiwan will suffer in the end.