Mianyang Kaiyuan Middle School held the preparation work for the spring semester of 2022

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In order to ensure the smooth opening of the 2022 spring semester, Kaiyuan Middle School held the general Branch Committee, all cadres meeting, political and educational work and all staff meeting on February 16 and 17 respectively.The requirements for teachers and students to return to school have made specific deployment.All students must wear masks, show their health codes and travel cards and enter the school in strict accordance with epidemic prevention measures.Arrange special personnel to eliminate dead spots in all places on campus, and normalize the work of “three inspections”;Each class is required to check the safety risks of the class, and timely report the situation;Arrange each grade to set up good floor guard, pay attention to special physique students, pay attention to students’ mental health;Detailed arrangements and specific requirements were made for cleaning the common area of each grade;Detailed arrangements and implementation were made for the opening ceremony, the theme activities of this semester, the recommendation of pta members and the establishment of special student files.All the staff conference, Xiao Ke vice president said that this semester will continue to deepen the curriculum reform and the grade competition, increase the quality of the discipline group, department leaders and party members of the assessment efforts.Mr. Ren Mingsheng, the director of grade two, communicated the experience of grade structure, grade team, teacher team, head teacher team and management refinement, normalization and high requirement.Gong he stressed safety work.Require every faculty and staff to firmly guard the “safety” and “epidemic prevention” two bottom lines;Also on the “learning power” “three meetings and one lesson” to develop and party cadres to play a good role in leading the way to do requirements.Vice principal Luo Zhaohui gave a detailed explanation on the work of charging fees, school construction, retirement of old teachers and recruitment of new teachers.It also emphasizes many problems such as teacher award, academic qualification promotion and labor discipline.Du Jin, the deputy secretary, made a notice on the school being awarded “Sichuan High-level Sports Training Base” and made specific requirements for the goals of the provincial Games.Specific arrangements were also made for the recruitment, training and management of art and sports students, and statistics on COVID-19 vaccination.Wang Zhongguo, chairman of the trade union, made arrangements for the work of the trade union to be carried out in this semester.All teachers are required to continue to strengthen and refine the teaching routine and deepen the curriculum reform to improve the quality of teaching.Vice principal Jingzhengxiong on the school’s political and educational work, “the first class”, students a day routine, the theme of education form change, party construction, discipline inspection, clean government, teachers’ ethics and other issues made a speech;Also made detailed arrangements for the application and acceptance of “civilized campus”.Party secretary and the principal wang li inventory on the school year to obtain national, provincial, city and district levels awards, conveys the superior conference spirit, said in the new semester will continue to adhere to the party leading, strengthening the party’s style of the cultivation of clean government, promoting new curriculum reform, strengthen team construction, test and class education vigorously promoting arts body feature;Under the background of the national “double reduction”, all the staff are required to “keep quality in mind and have students in mind”, strictly observe the three bottom lines of “integrity, ethics and safety”, strictly enforce the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and make comprehensive arrangements for food safety, fire safety, school construction and other work.Meixue for spring jingming, unlimited scenery four new.13, Zhong Ling Yu xiu to order, come out alone with Kuixing.In the new semester, under the background of the new college entrance examination, new teaching materials and new curriculum standards, Kaizhong people will continue to uphold the core educational philosophy of “Cultivate one’s morality and cultivate one’s own beauty”, follow the laws of education and teaching, and continue to bring forth the old and introduce the new, innovate at the right time, set sail and start a new voyage!(Zeng Zhen peng Ye Fei)