The charge of infant vaccine in shangang township health center of Xinye County

2022-07-24 0 By

, according to a local Internet port of township hospitals in nanyang xinye three months infant immunization, pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, the needles are starting to charge, and the net friend said the propaganda of the vaccine is free, reflect its to xinye related department didn’t get a reply, please the relevant departments to give clear charge standard.The Party Committee of Xinye County replied that the vaccination clinic of Shanggang Township Health Center in Xinye County is a demonstration vaccination clinic that has been accepted by the superior. Weekly vaccination is carried out, and the daily vaccination is operated strictly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.The DPT vaccine is a category I vaccine under the national immunization programme and is provided free of charge by the Government.Dt-hib vaccine, also known as the quadruple vaccine, can replace DPT vaccine, and the additional protection of HIB vaccine can reduce the number of children vaccinated. The combined vaccine is the development trend of the future vaccine, which belongs to the second type of vaccine that is self-funded.According to the working process, the outpatient staff has the obligation to inform the guardian of the expenses for the first and second class vaccines, abnormal reactions, compensation methods and other related matters, and respect the right to know and the right to choose of the masses.In accordance with the principle of “informed, voluntary and self-funded”, the guardian will choose vaccination voluntarily on the premise of fully informing the guardian.