Tomorrow, see Gu Ailing!CCTV5 live: See how strong Gu Ailing’s advantage project really is

2022-07-24 0 By

When Gu eiling won her first gold medal of these Winter Olympics, she made a Versailles remark: “Women’s freestyle skiing platform is not my advantage”!This girl with infinite possibilities has also signed up for three events in this Winter Olympics. Apart from the big jump, the freestyle skiing halfpipe and the freestyle skiing slopestyle will all become the stage for Gu Eling to compete!Gu Ailing said, women’s platform is not really her strengths.Before the Opening of the Winter Olympics, in order to fill the gap of Chinese athletes in women’s freestyle skiing platform and realize the goal of full participation, Gu Ailing did not hesitate to take up the responsibility, registered for the competition, and finally won the gold medal with her performance beyond expectations!This also makes us wonder, how strong is the project gu Says she is really good at?On March 14, 2021, Gu Won the gold medal in women’s slopestyle at the World Freestyle Skiing Championships, and this event has been deeply branded by Gu. It can be said that Gu is the strongest contender for the gold medal in this event in the world.In the halfpipe event of freestyle skiing, Gu Has unquestioned dominance: Frog Princess has won all the four halfpipe World Cups she has participated in in her career.Finally, he won the championship of the season.Although Gu Ailing has already made her mark in the halfpipe freestyle skiing event, The Chinese team still belongs to the new army.Because it was not until 2014 that the project officially joined the Olympic family, the winter Olympics in sochi – China team did not play, until in 2016 to form a national team, so now just passed more than five years, and excluding GuAiLing, ke-xin zhang, Li Fanghui and Martin three young will also go out on behalf of the Chinese women’s u-shaped venue.Well begun is half done.We believe that with Gu Ailing at the helm, The Chinese team will write a new chapter in this program.Due to bad weather, gu Ailing’s match will be postponed to February 14th, Valentine’s Day. Let’s witness Gu Ailing!