What is the meaning of Yuzuru Hanyu’s name?Father: I hope he’s as relaxed as a bowstring

2022-07-24 0 By

Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu has been the focus of netizens since she announced her participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The face is like jade, the body is like loose.Pian if jing Hong, wan if you dragon.Fate whispers to the brave, you cannot withstand the storm.The warrior whispers back that I am the storm.”We have never been stingy with his praise and praise.It is worth mentioning that there are less than ten thousand people with the surname Hanyu in Japan.According to yuzuru Hanyu’s father, he wanted his children’s life to be as relaxed as a bowstring, and to have an awe-inspiring attitude toward life when strained.”He looks like a diamond-encrusted sword. Even if it is hidden in a bookcase made of gold nanmu, it cannot block his dazzling light,” said netizens.