Xifeng County Public Security Bureau: guard traffic jams to build a solid defense of the epidemic

2022-07-24 0 By

To keep the current epidemic prevention and control work, xifeng county public security bureau joint WeiJian bureau, the centers for disease control and prevention, traffic transportation, the villages and towns and community sectors, with an emphasis on traffic management of bayonet, provincial highway and card points in epidemic prevention and control work, the personnel and vehicles to carry on the strict inspection, use action to build a epidemic prevention and control of defence.In anmin town Wulongling interprovincial highway card point, the reporter saw that the county public Security Bureau law enforcement officers are on the jin Feng vehicle driver investigation, requiring the driver to provide itinerary code, and the license plate number of past vehicles, to the direction and identity information and other details of the registration.At the same time, nucleic acid retention samples will be provided to drivers without nucleic acid test reports, and normal release will be carried out after registration and confirmation of people in areas not under key control or under key concern, to firmly guard road traffic safety lines.It is learnt that, in order to effectively cut off the transmission route of novel Coronavirus and secure the entry point of COVID-19 prevention and control, according to the work deployment of the County headquarters for Epidemic prevention and control, the County Public Security Bureau acted quickly to form a special epidemic prevention and control team jointly with other relevant departments to focus on the key links of epidemic prevention and control and formulate the prevention and control work plan for the clamping port in light of traffic conditions.Since December 29, all relevant departments have been working closely to set up epidemic prevention and control checkpoints at the intersections of xifeng Expressway, Tiande, Pinggang, Anmin and other provincial boundaries around the clock.During the work, temperature measurement, registration and flow adjustment were carried out for arriving and returning vehicles and personnel one by one throughout the day to ensure that no one was left behind and no one was missed.So far, the public security system has dispatched 234 people and 104 law enforcement vehicles to the checkpoint.A total of 8,722 vehicles were detected at each highway checkpoint, and 10,726 people were detected, effectively realizing precise control and strict prevention of input, and building a solid “protective wall” for the health and safety of the people in the county.Hua Shang Bao reporter Zhao Zengyu editor Xiang Xue correspondent Guo Qingjun