Ya ‘an conscription myopic operation expert Bao Jie: why not suggest these 8 kinds of people to do myopic operation?!

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(Original title: Ya ‘an conscription myopic surgery expert Bao Jie revealed: why not recommend these 8 types of people laser myopic surgery?!).If you are standing at a distance waving to your friend and he doesn’t respond, please don’t question your friendship, he may be short-sighted…For myopic people, without glasses, it seems that the whole world has been blurred.And many people think wearing glasses is troublesome, and even pull down the level of appearance, so they want to correct their eyesight through surgery, so that they can throw away glasses.Chengdu Huaxia double doctor experts Zhang Xuejin, Bao Jie Ya ‘an/Chengdu conscription myopia surgery experts, Zhang Xuejin Bao Jie, walking without stop, ingenuity.They have worked hard for decades to bring clear vision to people with myopia.Two experts have a wealth of clinical experience + word of mouth + strength, get a lot of myopic patients friends.Myopia operation also has strict contraindication crowd, a few kinds of people are not suitable to do myopia laser operation actually, look together!Ya ‘an conscription myopia surgery experts bao jie, zhang xuejin revealed the following points :(1), the principle of myopia laser surgery is the principle of myopia laser surgery, through the laser to remove part of the corneal tissue, change the curvature of the cornea, so as to achieve correction of refractive error;Can correct myopia below 1200 degrees and astigmatism below 600 degrees.There are three main principles of this operation: safety, effectiveness and stability.But laser corrects myopia, also have absolute contraindication card and relative contraindication card.(2) Absolute contraindications in laser surgery are: 1, keratoconus, corneal dilation diseases.2. Autoimmune diseases: This group is prone to corneal lysis, so corneal cutting is not recommended.3. Systemic diseases or partial metabolic diseases, such as severe hyperthyroidism or hyperthyroidism, such people have serious corneal exposure, and surgery is easy to increase the possibility of corneal lesions.4. Operation is prohibited for active ocular lesions, such as intraocular infection and corneal infection, during infection or inflammation.5. Poor fundus function, or patients with cataracts and glaucoma that seriously affect vision.Cataract patients are mainly caused by the disorder of crystal metabolism, so the use of laser surgery to cut the cornea, there is no “appropriate medicine”, so it is not recommended;In patients with severe glaucoma, the iOP is usually too high, and sometimes the use of hormones after surgery may not be conducive to iOP control.(3) the relative contraindications to laser surgery are: ❶ aged under 18 years of youth, youth eyes still in development, eye axis in growth, at this point they bend light is not stable, myopic degree rise quickly, if had myopia laser surgery, perhaps because of axial growth again after myopia, so it is not recommended to do;Of course, there is not to 18 years old to carry out surgery, for example, because of anisometropia (two myopia degree one high one low) minors can according to the eye doctor’s judgment, laser surgery, such is to prevent amblyopia.Patients with diabetes: The unstable control of blood glucose can cause systemic metabolic disorder of nerve endings. If the cornea is cut with laser, the recovery of the cornea will be poor and the correction effect will be affected.Not only do people with scars heal more slowly, but nerves heal more slowly too.Therefore, after cutting the cornea, the cornea is more likely to form irregular or scar healing, but affect the vision and visual quality.(4) Precautions In addition to the above conditions, there is also a need for preoperative examination of some other conditions, so as to judge whether myopia surgery can be done and what kind of myopia surgery can be done.Should pass before myopic operation “checkpoint” — check before operation.Those who fail in the “checkpoint”, retire to the second line can not carry out myopic surgery, and “holding the green light pass” talent can wish to carry out myopic surgery, pick the mirror success.The purpose that becomes an examination before operation has 3:1, judge whether myopic patient suits operation treatment, eliminate operation contraindication.2. Estimate the possible postoperative corrected visual acuity of the patient.3, according to the examination data, “tailored” design for the patient’s personalized surgical plan.Therefore, it is a stepping stone to whether you can operate or not!Strict preoperative examination is the first step to ensure a good start after surgery. Although there are more items to check, it is worth it to have better vision in the future.Full femtosecond SMILE, do not need to make the corneal flap, but two times on the matrix layer of the cornea for different depth of laser blasting, the formation of a matrix lens, and then through a 2~4 mm micro incision lens out.Compared with traditional myopic laser surgery, femtosecond laser incision smaller, minimally invasive, don’t have to worry about because of adversarial strenuous exercise, trauma, such as damaged corneal flap, shift, such as risk, safety is higher, for the college entrance examination, the examination, conscription, ZhaoJing, flight attendants, athletes, and the pursuit of high quality life is especially useful.(Key words: Chengdu conscription myopia surgery, Chengdu myopia surgery hospital, Ya ‘an conscription myopia surgery expert Bao Jie, Ya ‘an myopia surgery how much money;Ya ‘an myopia operation)