Beijing Winter Olympics | China “take-off” group competition

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Chongli, Hebei, February 16, Xinhua News AgencySu Yiming, 17, finished the snowboarding competition at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Sunday with her victory at the Shougang Ski platform.In this competition, Chinese snowboarding achieved a great leap from participation coverage to ranking, and the distribution of 11 gold MEDALS in all minor events did not reappear the situation of “one super many strong”, but a group of competitors.Su yiming’s gold medal in the men’s big jump on Sunday afternoon was his coming-of – age gift three days later, and he became the biggest surprise of Chinese snowboarding at the Winter Olympics.The teenager was responsible for many of China’s breakthroughs.His silver medal in slopestyle was China’s first men’s medal in snowboarding and the country’s first moguls medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics. His generosity and generosity also left a deep impression after the controversy over the judging score.On the big platform, he changed the silver medal.This gold medal is not only China’s first snowboarding gold medal in the Winter Olympics, but also a breakthrough in the history of The Chinese delegation in the Winter Olympics.With six gold, four silver and two bronze MEDALS, The Chinese team set a new record for the number of gold MEDALS and MEDALS in a single Winter Olympics, creating the best record in the history of the Winter Olympics.Slopestyle and big platform share the same quota, as there is no one in Pyeongchang Chinese team, so this event su Yiming, female athlete Rong Ge staged the Debut of Chinese team athletes in these four events.Jung entered the public eye with a somersault in the platform competition, but she actually became China’s first World Cup finalist in this event in Kur, Switzerland, in October 2021.She also made history by finishing fifth in the final at the Beijing Winter Olympics.In the women’s parallel giant slalom competition, Gong Naiying and Zang Ruxin competed. The former ranked 19th to refresh the latter’s 22nd place in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games, creating the best result of the Chinese team in this event. Bi Ye became the first male athlete of the Chinese team to participate in this event in the Winter Olympic Games.Halfpipe, The Chinese team for the first time to achieve a full number of 4 women and 4 men, feng he in the obstacle chase event staged the Chinese debut.China shines beyond the court, in addition to Su Yi singing skills competition in slope obstacles of general manners, man U site qualifying, teenager Gao Hongbo only simple actions completed a taxi, but the audience don’t know, when he was training before the game ankle fracture, taxiing after smile is his “Olympics” didn’t miss the door of happiness and satisfaction;In the women’s final, Qiu Leng’s hands “compared heart” to the camera after sliding. The palm of her hand reads “Come on, Lao Wu”, which is her support and encouragement to her teammate Wu Shao-tong who failed to qualify…Liu Jiayu and CAI Xuetong, the two “fathers of the Four Dynasties”, are also encouraging more people to move forward with their persistence and perseverance.Across snowboarding, the United States no longer swept all four gold MEDALS in halfpipe and slopestyle, with only Chloe King defending the women’s halfpipe title from the previous four.In the men’s event, five-time veteran and three-time gold medalist Shaun White struggled, while two-time runner-up Tomo Hirano won a gold medal for Japan.Women’s defending slopestyle champion Jamie Anderson and men’s defending champion Redmond Gerrard missed out on the podium, with New Zealand’s Zoe Sadowski Sinnott and Canada’s Max Parrott, who beat cancer, the last winners.In addition to Chloe king, although the impact across a double failure, but the Czech esther, Mr. Card still defending success in parallel in the women’s giant slalom, Anne of Austria, searle also defending in the women’s big platform, and as binyamin Karl parallel in the men’s giant slalom and alessandro black moeller in the men’s hurdles title chase,Austria walked away with three gold MEDALS.Though not alone, the United States tied Austria with three gold MEDALS in the handicap pursuit.Experience in leading the Turin Olympics final played during a gifted but catch plate fall will champion the regret, “five teams” lindsay James bailey, after 16 years in the final round gold medal dream, not only such, 36, she also hand in hand, 40, Nick baumgartner in chasing a hybrid team beat a new project the “charge”, won the championship.Snowboarding, with its emphasis on personal style and expression, has no shortage of stories: Shaun White leaving the Winter Olympics stage in tears after his final run;Janice Spitelli of Malta, the only Olympic athlete in Beijing, was nicknamed “Bean Bag Sister” for eating half a bean bag from her pocket after her first run.Mark McMorris of Canada, who was defeated by his “fan” Su yiming, lavished praise on his younger players, including the eye-catching panda on his skis.Tessa Moder, who is also a spokesperson for Chinese food with Spitelli, cried for the volunteers’ sincere “China welcomes you” at the opening ceremony. She and the volunteers also met through the Internet and exchanged wishes, writing a good story about “more unity” in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: