Folk tale: a merchant saved a woman’s life by jumping into a river

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In ancient times, there was a poor man in Huzhou named Wang Xi. He was put into prison because he owed the government twenty ounces of silver.His wife, Liu Shi, did everything she could to save him, but the family was too poor and had a three-year-old son to support.But a neighbor reminded her, “Don’t you have a pig at home?If you sell the pig, then you can give the money to save your husband.”Listen, Liu shi suddenly realized, ready to sell pigs to save her husband.Although the pig was not big enough to fetch a good price, she accepted it, contacted a pig dealer and sold it cheaply.Seeing that she was a poor woman with no sense and no husband to guide her, the pig dealer beat down the price as hard as he could and bought the pig at half the market price.The woman did not know what the price of the pig was, and eager to save her husband’s life, she sold the pig without lowering the price.After taking the money, Liu went to the government office to pay it back. Unexpectedly, when the official saw the money, he said it was fake.Liu shi does not believe, took to let the silversmith check several times, the results are false silver money.She knew there was no way to save her husband, and her children needed food. The only valuable pig in the family had been sold, so she thought there was no way out.Liu shi felt ashamed and felt stupid. She cut off the only way to save her husband. She blamed herself and wanted to commit suicide.Think of a young child at home. What would he do if he died?Liu’s helpless, had to embrace the son to go into the river, thinking that simply mother and child died a clean, also have no ties.When they reached the river bank, Liu held her son in her arms, closed her eyes, and wanted to jump into the river. But the boy cried loudly, which made her so upset that she thought it was wrong to kill him.While liu shi was hesitating, li Fu, a merchant who was passing by the river, quickly stopped the woman and said, “Why should you commit suicide at such a young age?”Liu told Li Fu that her husband owed money to the government and was imprisoned, and that she sold pigs to save her husband and was deceived by pig traders.Hearing this, Li Fu sighed, “How can you be so silly!Even if you wanted to die, why would you take this kid with you?What do children have to do with the SINS of the great man?What has he done, that you have robbed him of his life?”Liu shi replied, “I am dead. He has neither father nor mother. Who cares?It would be better if we all died together.”Then he will throw himself into the river again.Li Fu grabbed the woman and asked, “How much money do you owe the government? Is it worth your life?”Liu shi replied, “I owe the government two ounces of silver, but I can’t pay it back.Don’t talk to me. It would be a relief to let my mother and I die.”Li Fu saw that she was stubborn and would not listen to her advice. It seemed that she could not solve the money issue, and she was determined to die.He was kind and did not want anyone to waste his life, so he said to the woman: “It is only two ounces of silver. It is not worth losing three people’s lives for this money.Come home with me and get the money to save your husband, and I will do a good thing for myself.”When Liu heard that Li Fu was willing to help him, she quickly went home with him on her knees and thanked him. With a happy face, she took the money and gave it to the officials to redeem her husband Wang Xi from prison.Wang Xi was surprised and asked her where she got the money.Liu shi told her husband all about the situation and her voice was full of gratitude to Li Fu.And said to her husband, “I really want to thank this benefide. if he had not happened to run into me when I fell into the river and offered to help us with money, I would not only have no money to save you, but also my son and I would have died now.”Hearing this, Wang Xi was a little happy. How lucky he was to have such a kind man met by his wife!In the mind and secretly blame his wife too stupid, should make such a silly thing!After thinking about it, he suspected that it was not so simple as his wife had said.Afraid is the wife poor monkey anxious, they went to find a lover green himself, that talent will give her money.Otherwise, how could there be such a kind person, and how could there be such a coincidence?Thinking of this, he would like to test his wife and that Wang Xi in the end have other things not clear.So, he asked his wife with a little thought: “Do you still remember the appearance of En Gong?Do you know where he lives?We ought to thank him at once!I can’t thank a man for his kind help.”Liu shi felt her husband said very reasonable, the benefactor should thank, but now it is dark, this door to disturb afraid is not good.Therefore, she suggested that her husband visit her again the next day to thank her. It was really inconvenient to visit her at night.Wang Xi only felt that Liu shi is every possible way to avoid their meeting with that man, the heart of suspicion deeper.But he did not say what was in his mind, but advised his wife: “Thank you timely, tonight and tomorrow thank you completely different nature!”Seeing her husband’s obstinacy, Liu took him to Li Fu’s home to thank him.When they reached Li’s door, Wang Xi said nothing and asked Liu shi to knock at the door.Li Fu heard a knock at the door and asked, “Who is that outside?Why bother people in the middle of the night?”Liu2 shi busy answer: “boon gong, be me, be that pair of mother and child that you saved in the river during the day, you still remember me?”Li Fu thought for a while and still had an impression of Liu shi. “Of course I do,” he replied. “What are you doing here at night?”It was strange to say that Li Fu was an honest man. If other men saved a young woman and met her knocking at the door in the middle of the night, they would think that she had come to marry her, and she would not object to doing something shady with her at that time.However, Li Fu, a decent man, did not think of this. Instead, he asked her why she came to him, which made Wang Xi think him cute and silly.Thoughtless as she was, Liu shi felt a little rude when she heard Li Fu ask such a question. She quickly explained, “I have come to thank you and bring good news. I took the two ounces of silver you gave me to redeem my husband.”Li Fu answered through the door, “That’s a great congratulations!But you a woman family, midnight to report good news to thank but not polite, quickly go back!Don’t do such foolish things in the future!It’s not good when you meet bad people.”One set of words, said liu shi and Wang Xi are ashamed.In order not to let En Gong misunderstand her, Liu shi explained, “I am not the only one here. My husband accompanied me. It is not improper to have him as my companion.”Li Fu had to get up and get dressed. He opened the door and went out to meet the couple.As soon as he left the bedroom, he heard “boom”, the roof of the bedroom collapsed down, and the wall mud and rubble fell down, and buried the bed of his bedroom!Li Fu was still in shock and felt that he had narrowly escaped a bullet!If it had not been for the lius’ late-night visit, he would have gone out to meet them, fearing that he would have been killed tonight!Out of the gate, Li Fu thanked Liu and his wife: “I really appreciate you both coming to shout me up, or I would have died at home tonight!”Seeing this, Wang Xi’s suspicion of his wife and Li Fu disappeared.The two called each other brothers and thanked each other.The ancients said: convenient with others, their convenience.Because of his kindness, Li Fu saved others and finally saved himself.: This story is a folk story, the purpose is to enrich cultural life, pure my literary creation, the plot and characters have a certain fictional elements, please do not link with feudal superstition.– Thanks for reading, follow @erwen night reading  more exciting —