A princess might be better suited to the look of 007 than a fairy tale character in a Hollywood-style spy movie

2022-07-26 0 By

Today’s fairy tales, if made into an animated or live-action film, would look a lot like many of the same old stories.Now the subject of some movie or TV series, all have already been remake many times its original, just like the fairy tale, even in a particular aspect to have some new idea, slightly but approximate to the design of the characters, plot including suspense and the development of the plot, and so on, the for the audience to know can be used by heart, 4 words to describe.Then this time it is difficult to innovate, bring the audience a bright feeling.That’s why Disney’s most recent fairy tales, like Frozen, have taken a clever approach and created a new format of their own, rather than using the familiar ones.It not only retains the beauty and fantasy of fairy tales, but also breaks the original structure and brings a brand new experience to the audience. Then, in fact, there is a way to reduce the aesthetic fatigue of the audience without losing the original beauty. Especially, we know that these classic characters in fairy tales,For example, the little Mermaid, Snow White, beauty, the Beast and so on these characters are deeply rooted in people’s hearts.02 Just remove the protagonists, that is to say, in a story, as long as they are used as the protagonists, it is very acceptable to the audience.Faced with such popular characters, it is hard for producers and writers not to use them to form a story.However, if the background of the story adopts the big frame of the original fairy tale, no matter how to arrange it, it is difficult to get out of it, and it is difficult to bring new ideas to the audience.A good way to deal with this situation is to keep the original characters, but also to break the framework of the original fairy tale.You know, there are so many directors and writers in Hollywood who have the ability to take the characters out of the original book and create a new story, like the spy series, which has been very popular, which is very interesting.After all, 007 series of movies were still very popular in that era. However, with more and more stories coming out, audiences have become aesthetic fatigue, but it does not mean that this kind of movies are no longer popular.It is that the traditional model has been used too much, and the audience is tired of watching it. At this moment, if some classic princess images are used in the James Bond films, it will produce a kind of unexpected effect.Especially after seeing these originally generous and beautiful characters, wearing 007 costumes, look like a spy movie tension and seriousness.That kind of black style gives the audience a first visual impression, maybe this is a very good series, if only a certain princess is adapted, the key is to change all the series into this style, forming a complete 007 series.However, this 007 series is a complete version. Compared with the previous 007 series, which only had one protagonist, today’s whole series can be said to involve almost all the characters, so the simple point can give the audience a lot of imagination.Perhaps there are a lot of characters are loved by many audiences, but when they put on these costumes, what surprises will bring to the audience? I really hope it can be filmed in this way.