Changsha Yinzhou food epidemic prevention and supply is not a mistake

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Hunan January 27, 2022 changsha news (all media reporter Wang Yiqun) “Happy New Year to the family, epidemic prevention and supply, we have made preparations to ensure that changsha citizens can still get a bowl of delicious’ old Changsha rice noodles’ during the Spring Festival!”The Spring Festival has arrived, the big year is coming, “New Year to the grassroots” team into the Changsha Kaifu District Jiahai Industrial Park, changsha Yinzhou Food Co., Ltd. heard the general manager Lv Shiyin so and reporters said.On the eve of the Lunar New Year, the provincial capital media’s “Spring Festival to the Grassroots” reporting team went to different areas of units and enterprises in Changsha to visit the people and stories who celebrated the Spring Festival and adhered to the frontline of epidemic prevention and supply protection, and conveyed their greetings and voices.Reporters into changsha Kaifu Jiahai Industrial Park came to Changsha Yinzhou Food Co., LTD., a group of employees are having dinner.”It smells so good!What are you having today?””Pork fried with dried pork, radish vermicelli, laver egg soup, rice, rice noodles whatever you choose!””In the eyes of senior executives at Changsha Yinzhou Food Company, employees are the most important factor.Sincerely treat employees well, care about their lives, optimize their working and living conditions, arrange various benefits for employees, and provide them with three meals a day and night snacks free of charge.”If the welfare of employees is well done, they can be relieved of their worries. Only by maximizing the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees, so that employees truly feel the warmth of the enterprise, employees will be grateful to the sense of responsibility into the production of the enterprise.””Treating employees well is one of the most important factors to ensure the quality of products. With strict system management and post technical training, we will be able to produce qualified and high-quality products,” said Lv Shiyin, general manager of the company. This is the principle that the company has been following since its establishment.Lyu Shiyin, general manager of the company, said the company actively responded to the national call to encourage employees to celebrate the Spring Festival in their own place, to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure holiday supplies.Salaries will be paid to employees who do not return home for the Spring Festival.The preparation of raw materials and materials has been made in advance before the festival, and the supply guarantee agreement has been signed with the supplier, and the production and supply guarantee under the snow and ice weather have been done well.The daily supply is about 100 tons, not only to meet the demand of Changsha market, but also exported to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Ningbo and other provinces and cities.Changsha Yinzhou Food Co., Ltd. is preparing to build a new intelligent factory, which will be equipped with 36 intelligent automatic production lines as a whole.The main building is expected to be completed in July this year and put into operation in the first half of next year.On the basis of stable product quality, we will further optimize the product upgrade, so that more people in Hunan can eat Yinzhou rice noodles.Liu Jianqiao, chairman of the board, told reporters that changsha Yinzhou Food Co., Ltd. is doing “conscience” when making rice noodles to ensure that consumers eat a healthy and assured rice noodles.Yinzhou rice noodles have low water content, excellent quality, strong fragrance, strong toughness, good cooking resistance and good taste after being put into the mouth.Liu said that the reason why Yinzhou rice noodles are popular among changsha citizens is that they inherit the making method of hundred-year-old Changsha rice noodles.The high quality rice is soaked, ground, filtered, steamed, cut and packed on a large production line. The whole process is completed on a safe, clean and aseptic production line, and then transported to the table of thousands of families.Liu also said that delicious rice noodles are boiled, not soaked.The production of high-quality Yinzhou rice noodles is very careful: 1 jin of rice is only 1.8 jin of flour, not more than 2 jin at most, to ensure that the water content of rice noodles can not be too high.The grinding pulp is fine and uniform, the rice noodles should be cooked 10 mature, and the thickness of the noodles should be kept at 1.8 mm.Raw rice flour is steamed with the thickest rice pulp, which will not rot or break when boiled in boiling water for 3 minutes.The fully boiled Yinzhou rice noodles have a more flexible and smooth taste, which is not easy to break. It is more elastic, smooth and strong, and has the original taste of the old Changsha rice noodles in the 1980s, which will not feel too bad or too powder.”Rice noodles should be boiled in boiling water for more than one minute before eating, when the total number of bacteria and coliform bacteria are basically eliminated.Yinzhou rice noodles can be cooked for four or five minutes and still have a very supple, smooth texture that doesn’t break easily.When it comes to quality assurance, General Manager Lv Shiyin told reporters that Yinzhou Company has been strictly adhering to three requirements: no genetically modified rice, no moldy rice, no untested and unqualified rice, and the quality and safety of rice flour from the source.Strict disinfection of workshops, strict production licenses in accordance with the law, strengthen functional differentiation, require the implementation of “one-stop” production from soaking to packaging, do not go “backward”, to avoid cross-contamination.Strictly organize disinfection before production and disinfection after production to ensure that the production environment is sterile.Strict employee health, take “supervision”, person-to-person, random check “measures, strictly grasp the health of employees, regular organization of employees for health examination, daily composition, daily morning check, to ensure that the production staff still hold health certificates.Strict product packaging, the company implements finished product packaging, for qualified products to wear “safety protective clothing”, to prevent secondary pollution.No preservatives are added in the production and packaging of the products, and the ingredients, storage time limit, cooking requirements and other instructions are strictly marked to remind consumers of scientific use and correct consumption.