“Eating beans in spring is better than eating meat.” Don’t miss this dish. It is suitable for young and old

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In march, all things recovery, spring flowers, give a person with great vitality, this time is vegetables are listed, including a lot of beans, peas, beans and peas, these beans are very fresh, let a person look have appetite, every time go to the supermarket, can buy some beans, protein and some nutrition to children.There is a folk saying:”Eat beans, spring is better than to eat meat,” spring is the best time to eat beans, beans of high nutritional value, there are many kinds of ways, today to share a homely way – fennel food Fried beans beans, broad beans fennel food collocation, food enough fiber and fennel vegetables, can rise the antibacterial anti-inflammatory, the purpose of the clear bowel aperient, to supply the body with a lot of nutrition, special but don’t know to eat.For those of you who are new to this fennel stir-fry with broad beans, you don’t know how to make this dish, so take a look.”Eating beans in spring is better than eating meat.” Don’t miss this dish. It is suitable for young and old.Choose ingredients:Pick a handful of fresh fennel food (fennel vegetables also called dill, is a kind of green vegetables, anise smell especially, blade as the turquoise, yellow-green fennel food isn’t fresh, remember to buy to eat now now), the choose and buy bean 400 grams (broad bean was listed on spring beans, broad beans choose particle satiated, colour and lustre is fresh horsebean, don’t choose the old beans, salt,A few bowls of water, some cooking oil, a spoonful of chicken essence, other seasoning.Cooking tips: Pick fresh broad beans and fennel, which needs to be thoroughly washed. It’s not difficult to master the order in which fennel is stir-fried broad beans.Step 1: Buy fennel and broad beans, set aside for later use, peel off the shell of the beans, wash the beans repeatedly with water, and dry the surface of the beans.Step 2: Remove the yellow leaves or stale parts of fennel vegetables, cut off a small section of the root (the root will be oxidized and black), put fennel vegetables in a container, add water and salt, soak fennel vegetables in salt water, wash them and remove them for later use.Step 3: Add a little water to the wok, heat the fennel vegetables for 10 seconds, remove and cut into small pieces, chop the garlic, prepare the broad beans and fennel vegetables, and start cooking the fennel vegetables stir-fried broad beans.Step 4: Put proper amount of cooking oil into the bottom of the pot, add broad beans and stir fry evenly, add a little water and stew for 10 minutes, basically broad beans are cooked.Step 5: Add fennel vegetables and stir-fry. Season with salt and a spoonful of chicken essence. Keep stir-fry for a while.Step 6: Reduce the juice, turn off the heat and take out the pot. This fennel dish fried with broad beans is ready. It smells delicious and is suitable for spring eating.Fennel stir-fried broad beans is a dish that people in Hubei often eat. Now the broad beans are especially fresh and tender, and it is the perfect match with fennel vegetables. Fennel vegetables have a stimulating ingredient in their leaves, which helps stimulate taste buds, can also eliminate drowsiness, prevent insomnia, and ensure a stable spring.Spring meat, not as good as eating this dish, nutrition is particularly comprehensive, while broad beans are fresh and tender, must remember not to miss it.Have you tried this fennel dish with broad beans?(All photos from the Internet) For more exciting content, come and pay attention to Xiao Wei health kitchen