How much does Japanese electrical PSE certification cost?

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Japanese electrical PSE price how much?PSE certification is a compulsory certification for electronic products in Japan. The price range of PSE certification for Electric appliances in Japan is between 5000 yuan and 100000 yuan, and the cost of most products is about 10000 yuan.If you need to know the detailed quotation fees, you can prepare the product specifications and product specifications sent to our certification engineers to evaluate the quotation (day) PSE logo – diamond PSE and round PSE Japan Ministry of Economy, Industry and Industry (METI) formulated the Electrical Products Safety Act (DENAN), to regulate the safety of electronic and electrical products (A and B).Products classified as Category A need to pass A conformity test by A registered conformity assessment body before the manufacturer or importer can put the diamond PSE logo on the product.The CirclePSE flag applies to products classified as Category B.Manufacturers and importers of these products can self-declare compliance by testing DENAN’s technical requirements at the manufacturing stage and keeping copies of the test reports.This paper gives a general range of round PSE costs, general details need to be listed according to the product information, Huatongwei PSE engineer Chen Gong share, help can follow us!