Sichuan: more than 34,000 grassroots emergency teams set up a “30-minute” emergency rescue response circle

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Sichuan grassroots fire station firefighters quickly put out a house fire.Chengdu, February 15 (Reporter Liu Zhongjun) The reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Emergency management Department on The 15th, the province’s 516 central township fire rescue stations completed integration and reconstruction and new construction, 3,101 towns (streets) set up more than 34,000 village (community) emergency teams,The “1-hour” and “half-hour” emergency rescue response circles in counties and townships have been formed.It is understood that the grass-roots emergency team is an important part of the emergency response system, but also an important force to prevent and respond to emergencies.To promote the construction of grass-roots emergency teams as a whole is an important part of the “second half” of the two reforms, and also an inevitable requirement of strengthening grass-roots emergency management capacity.”We will incorporate the construction of ‘one primary and two auxiliary’ grassroots emergency response forces into the provincial emergency rescue capacity improvement ‘three-year action plan’ synchronous planning and promotion and auxiliary policy support.”Sichuan Provincial Emergency Management Department said that in addition, the “2021 construction guidance standards and Monitoring and Evaluation rules for improving grassroots emergency management capacity” will be included in the sichuan forest and grassland fire prevention and control work of the party and government with the same responsibility assessment, deployment, supervision and implementation.Fuhu town, Nanbu County, Nanchong City, before there was no full-time fire rescue station, fire fighting work by town and village cadres, militia guest, generally small fire can also deal with, once there is a bigger fire, the county fire force is far away, and so on to the scene has missed the best rescue time.”Starting in 2021, firemen will stop by every now and then to talk about safety.”Nanbu County Fuhu town Liu Jiagou village 3 groups of villagers Liu Zhi full name.Grass-roots emergency rescue teams in Sichuan are conducting field rescue exercises.Sichuan emergency for nanchong City emergency management bureau related person in charge of introduction, the city has completed 31 central fire rescue stations (6 new) integration and reconstruction and construction tasks, with rescue ability of full-time fire personnel reached 421.In 2021, fuhu Town full-time fire rescue station in Nanbu County participated in handling more than 50 emergency rescues of various types, providing an important guarantee for the “last kilometer” of grassroots emergency response.In Yinghua town, Shifang City, Deyang, the local establishment of the town full-time fire brigade, emergency teams and 18 villages (communities) emergency teams.”The emergency response team consists of 20 people, with an average age of 32. The team is not only young, but also has certain professional skills.”Deyang Shifang City Yinghua town emergency team member Li Mingjun said, usually the team to carry out forest fire prevention, geological disaster point patrol, supervision, as well as into the scenic area, into the village to speak safety, emergencies or natural disasters, the emergency team has become a rescue advance team.It is understood that sichuan province in addition to Nanchong, Deyang, Luzhou, Zigong, Mianyang, Guangyuan, Suining and other places also combined with the local reality, actively promote the “one main and two auxiliary” grass-roots emergency force construction, build a solid grass-roots emergency management foundation.Sichuan’s most basic emergency teams are patrolling the forest.”During the Spring Festival, many places have the custom of visiting graves and setting off fireworks, which is not a small challenge for forest fire prevention.”In Shuining Village, Shuining Town, Bazhou District, Bazhong City, the emergency rescue team carried out the household responsibility system according to the standard of 20-30 households per person, carried out door-to-door preaching on the safety of forest fire prevention, transportation, electricity and gas, and conducted regular inspections on the responsible forest areas and fields.”With the village level emergency rescue team, you can call the nearest team member in case of general danger and solve it within 30 minutes.”Bazhou District Shuining Temple town Shuining village party branch deputy secretary, rescue team leader Wang Xuesheng said.On September 20, 2021, jinyang County, Liangshan Prefecture, witnessed continuous heavy rainfall. Several villagers’ houses in Xiayingpan Village, Tiandi Ba Town were damaged, and eight trees were in danger of falling. Jinyang County Forestry and Grass Bureau sought help from the emergency management department in time.After receiving the danger, local emergency departments immediately mobilized emergency rescue teams to the scene, evacuated the villagers, and set up tents to properly settle the villagers.After consultation with the forestry department, the rescue team successfully cleared the danger.”The first time to arrive and save people, grassroots emergency rescue teams make the rescue at hand.”Sichuan Provincial emergency management department said that the next step of the province will implement the “list system + responsibility system” management, urging the city (prefecture), county (city, district) to promote the “one main and two auxiliary” grass-roots emergency force construction, to ensure the implementation of grass-roots emergency force construction.(after)