Double win in one day keeps Chinese women’s curling hopes alive

2022-07-27 0 By

After sochi Olympic champion Jones, 47, failed to pass, The Chinese women’s curling team stole two points in the extra set to beat Canada 11-9.China finished the round robin with 4 wins and 5 losses, keeping the hope of advancing to the last four.The Chinese team featured Jiang Xindi at first base, Zhang Lijun at second base, Dong Ziqi at third base and Captain Wang Rui at fourth.Canada won the game on penalty kicks and played after the first set.In the first two sets, Canada was riddled with errors, with Jones, in particular, completing just 19 percent of his four attempts.China stole one in the first game and two in the second.In the third game, Jones scored a pass and surrendered the back hand.The fourth set, Dong Ziqi twice hit failed to shake the other side in the camp of many red pot.Wang Rui’s last throw faced 4 points, she failed to spin in, Canada stole 2 points.The fifth inning, Wang Rui will get 2 points.China’s Jiang Xindi (l) and Zhang Lijun compete in a competition in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb. 16, 2018.(Photo: Liu Xu) China led 5-3 going into the second half.The sixth, The Success rate of The Chinese team declined, the bureau hit poorly.Canada had secured four points before Jones’ final shot.She spins in easy and scores a cool 5.Seventh bureau, Wang Ruixuan into the base camp back 2 points.The eighth inning, Wang Rui first play excellent, remove the danger of losing big points at the same time, creating 3 points to contain.Jones fumbled his last volley and China stole a point to level the score at 8-8.In the ninth inning, Wang Rui’s last throw hit and threw hidden behind the pot, so that the Canadian team trying to create a “flow game” had to take 1 point, hand over the right.Trailing 8-9, The Chinese team stepped up their attack in the 10th game, but Canada kept simplifying the situation and China equalized with a point.The key extra game, Canada’s advantage is obvious, they as the backhand side only need to take 1 point, can win the game.China tried to occupy the center zone in succession, and Canada began to clear the position after the “five-ball protection”.On his first stroke, Jones sent China’s yellow pot to near the center of the circle, with its own red pot forming a placeholder.Wang Rui seized the opportunity to spin into a pot again.Jones’s last attempt at a pass was slightly off Angle.In the end, China stole two points in the extra inning to beat Canada 11-9.Chinese players Dong Ziqi and Zhang Lijun (R) compete in a competition in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb 16, 2018.(Photo: Liu Xu) Wang Rui said after the match, because it was the last match of the round robin, everyone wanted to play the best state, relaxed in mind, and enjoyed the process of the match very much.”I feel a little bit sorry for this competition because I think I could have done better.”Wang Rui said.At present, China team and less match a team Canada, South Korea, England with 4 wins, if the last three teams on the 17th all lost, Then China will advance to the last four.(Source: Xinhua)