The latest!Hefeng County February 12 morning road information

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Today the weather is overcast, the temperature is 6℃-1℃, road ice yellow warning.As of 8 o ‘clock on February 12, hefeng county highway smooth, national, provincial, county, rural road parts of the snow, ice situation, traffic conditions are poor, please be careful to travel.1, G351 national road Yanwu Chong to Zhongying community road snow and ice, vehicles installed anti-skid chain can pass.1, Rongmei area: Daping Village, Banpengtai Village, Luping village, partial Yinwan road ice, vehicles need to install anti-skid chain passage.2. Iron Furnace Area: Mabai Highway has been closed;Qili village road snow, vehicles need to install anti-skid chain passage.3, Wuyang area: fog section, peak ertaiping to Fengfeng Ling, Zhoujiaping, Lv Jiagou section of ice, vehicles need to install anti-skid chain passage.S245 gongjiya to shuigudong, to cuijiya section, to ganxiping section has been closed.4, Taiping district: Sand park to sancha ling frozen, need to wear the chain.5. Wuli District: There is a small amount of snow and ice on some sections of Tongchuan Area, Xiadong Area and Liufeng Area, so vehicles need to install anti-skid chains to pass.6, camp area: Tianniuping village nine group (Silkworm ya to Oil qing jie, 3.5 km in length) has been closed.Zhongying village road ice, vehicles need to install anti-skid chain passage, seven groups of group level roads have been sealed.Hongyanping village two groups of rock Guanyin road has been closed.Official Zhaying village, three Taiwan Mongolian village, palm yuan village, sand village, cold bamboo village, Daxing river village, Qingyan river village, Millet Ping village, Long Bay village, rock house village, Leek dam village, white gully village, Meiguo bay village, Wangjia village, shangyangpo village, camp community part of the road snow, vehicles need to install anti-skid chain access.Tangjiawan Village, Liujiawan Village, Longjiawan Village, Qinglong Village, Liujia Village, Yuanjing Village, Hejia Village, White deer Village, Ancestral Village, Tea Garden Village, Bazishan Village, Bazishan community, Pot Changwan Village, Daluping village, Jinzhuyuan Village there is a small amount of snow on the road, please drive safely and carefully.7. Swallow Area: The road from Xiangxi Village to Xianying Village is frozen, and the road has been closed;5, 8, 9 groups of village-level highways in Daliping Village, qiaoyun Village committee to 8 groups of small names liao Yeping section are frozen, closed sections.8. Area under the jurisdiction of Zouma: There are snow and freezing on the road surface of Wowa Section of The Fourth group of Jinshan Village, Didiya Section of Hongluogou Village, Zouma to Wuli section of Dayya Old Road and Sansuo section of Beizhen Village, which have been closed.9, Xiapeng area: village-level road victory village eight group, village four group, Dongzhou village 567 group, Yunmeng village alpine section has been closed.Some roads in other villages have a small amount of snow, vehicles need to install anti-skid chains to pass.Warm tips: the temperature is low, the vehicle is not necessary to travel, go out please wear the anti-skid chain.Yunshang Enshi Report (Hefeng Tonglian Reporter Xiao Qin correspondent Ran Jun)