From foreign New Year goods to new Chinese New Year “New Year goods jianghu” changes

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Hangzhou, China News Service February 5 (Xi Jinyan Tang Xiaopi) Delicate and small pastry bag, spicy fresh sweet bittersweet gift box, quality of copper art box……This Spring Festival, the reporter found that, as the “post-90s” take over the “right to purchase New Year goods”, from the Chinese time-honored gift box is becoming the “Z generation” Spring Festival gift main force.From foreign New Year products to new domestic products, in recent years, Chinese time-honored brands follow the new round of consumption upgrading, adhere to the integrity and innovation, leading the national trend of new consumption, but also shape a different “New Year flavor”.”A few years ago, it was popular to send foreign New Year goods, but this year it is different.”Zhu Dong, a post-00s resident from Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, found that various time-honored gift boxes became the main attraction when visiting relatives and friends this Spring Festival.And behind this can not leave the time-honored quietly.”Now most of the time-honored brands have carried out packaging innovation and aesthetic innovation according to market demand.”Zhejiang province time-honored enterprises association secretary general Ding Huimin said.There are 150 years of history of the Chinese time-honored “Zhu Fu copper art”, in order to welcome the Yinhu New Year, launched the mountain Jun welcome the new series of golden box, containing copper chun Xuan Wanshou tiger and Gold shis Wanfu tiger, novel design, profound, products on the market after the fire.”Now consumers’ needs have shifted from material to spiritual, so we pay great attention to inheriting the fine traditional Chinese culture with products as the carrier.”Zhu Fu copper art related person in charge said.The rapid launch of the time-honored brand in the New Year also reflects the changes in consumer groups and concepts.Data shows that the “post-90s” and “post-00s” have become the main buyers of time-honored Chinese products.”Laozihao is of good quality and cost-effective. It contains traditional Chinese culture and is a source of pride when used.”In Zhu Dong’s life, old Chinese goods have gradually taken up a higher proportion.In order to better fit the consumer psychology of “generation Z”, Chinese time-honored Brand Wufangzhai launched a new Chinese dim sum “zongzi Su” in the Spring Festival of this year. On the basis of improving and innovating the taste of existing products, it uses jiangnan element packaging and other ways to further shorten the distance with young groups.Xu Wei, deputy general manager of Zhejiang Wufangzhai Industrial Co., LTD., said, “Time-honored brands should first ensure good quality, in addition to the appearance of the product appearance level should be high, to draw inspiration from the hot spots of The Times and regional cultural characteristics;At the same time, to use new marketing means to carry out publicity.For example, during the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wufangzhai shot a New Year’s Video, which cleverly combined snow and ice sports with traditional Chinese dim sum, tangyuan and Eight-treasure rice, attracting the attention of more young consumers.Yang Jianhua, president of zhejiang Social Association, said laozihao covers many areas of people’s lives and not only symbolizes a product, but also contains rich cultural elements.Therefore, in the transformation of laozihao, it is necessary to develop a perfect development path that fits with itself.The “Spring Festival on the spot” in the context of the epidemic has created a stronger demand for the taste of home in people’s memory.Embracing the e-commerce platform is becoming the secret of laozihao.”We deliver more than 500 parcels a day during the Lunar New Year holiday.”Hangzhou building outside the building restaurant relevant person in charge told reporters that this year launched 8 New Year gift boxes and semi-finished products through online sales, sales have increased significantly.The reporter learned that zhufu Tongyi, Wufangzhai, Louwailou, Zhang Xiaoquan and many other Zhejiang Chinese time-honored brands have already opened up online territory, using the new consumption environment created by “e-commerce” to communicate with consumers, and telling the cultural stories and historical heritage behind the brand to consumers.Ding Huimin believes that in the process of embracing e-commerce, Laozihao should be good at using online scenes and make use of the power of the Internet to create special activities for Laozihao to show its own heritage.At the same time, offline activities should not be ignored. E-commerce platforms and Time-honored brands can jointly carry out offline activities, such as opening cultural and tourism festivals with traditional festivals as an opportunity to inject new momentum into the development of time-honored brands.(after)