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– Magnolia blossoming – Shandong has seen the spring to know that the north can be so beautiful as soon as spring arrives, shandong cities become beautiful gardens.Petite and charming winter jasmine, fragrant plum blossom, beautiful begonia, pear as snow……The brilliant spring flowers decorate Shandong very gently.At this time, “color elegant and clean as jade, strong fragrance like blue” magnolia, also in shandong all corners of the open, flowering about 20 days.Without saying much, the time is short, the task is urgent, these 9 places to enjoy the flower resort must collect!Group photos/photography Han Yuhua-01 -/ Jinan · Baotuquan/To baotuquan Park are almost old Jinan people, here is the best choice for family travel, but also the old Jinan people and magnolia in a moment of mutual understanding.There are nearly 100 magnolia flowers in the park, including Wangchun Magnolia flowers, white magnolia flowers, two qiao magnolia flowers, purple magnolia flowers and other varieties. Magnolia flowers can be seen next to the Snow house, beside the spring Water Museum and wanzhu Garden.Spring gush ceaselessly baotu spring park, pavilions and pavilions and gardens of spring set off each other, the magnolia of one corner of Baotu spring is facing the spring breeze to spread out petals, in the warm sunshine is blooming, blossoming magnolia is swaying in the spring breeze, light pink and white like snow are merged with each other, gradual change gives the color that is like dream unreal.Add: Jinan Lixia District baotuquan South Road no. 1-02 -/ Jinan baihua Park/when magnolia blooms, you must go to Jinan Baihua Park to take a walk, magnolia here, gorgeous spectacular, let a person can not move the sight.Compared with Baotu Spring park, Baihua Park magnolia more enthusiastic.More than 600 strains of Magnolia bloom, stroll in magnolia road, occasionally look up to the sky, you will be surprised to discover, more than half of the blue sky is occupied by this flower, very lively.The proud but not proud demon walks under the magnolia tree, enjoys the sunshine, the flower and the spring day breath, comes across two or three stone benches, can sit here all day.Address: No. 10 Minziqian Road, Licheng District, Jinan City in addition to baotuquan Park, Baihua Park, Daming Lake Park, Quancheng Park, Ji ‘nan Botanical Garden magnolia has been blooming.Daming lake in coated figure | photography/Li Feng – 03 – though not over/Qingdao zhongshan park/outbreak, but stop the footsteps of spring.Since you can’t personally go to enjoy the flowers, then let the hospitality guide you cloud visit the magnolia blossom scenery of Zhongshan Park.Just to spring, people are looking forward to the cherry blossom in Zhongshan Park, as they do not know, in front of the cherry magnolia also do not have a flavor.”If the static lotus dust does not dye, color such as white cloud beauty if fairy”, no green foil, full of white flowers stunning qunfang, such as neon trifling, such as smoke diffuse.Spring breeze, xinyi spit, for the park to add a more elegant taste.Address: no. 28-04, Wendeng Road, Shinan District, Qingdao city/Qingdao · Licun Park/With the rising temperature in Qingdao, The magnolia flowers in Licun Park are in full bloom, turning into a sea of flowers.Is bold and unrestrained not magnanimous, luxury elegant, magnolia flower in full bloom in spring, the flowers fixed-term, epidemic situation after improvement, find a free time, go to feel the magnolia flower fragrance.Other sights: Badaguan, Qingdao Botanical Garden, Cangkou Park, Laoshan, etc. – 05 -/ Yantai Botanical Garden/Photography/bamboo In Yantai Botanical Garden in March, magnolia is a big attraction.Tall magnolia blossoms full branches, blossoming graceful.In the breeze, the calyx of magnolia flowers sway gently, like a young girl, elegant and beautiful, and the buds emit light fragrance, refreshing the heart and refreshing the mind.Most of the botanical garden yulan is pure white, also the bottom of a few flowers is lilac, mainly white yulan, there are 2 qiao Yulan, purple yulan and other varieties.The magnolia in the park is more scattered, scattered throughout the park open, we might as well look for a.Mr. Feng Zikai said: Spring is the most pleasant time of the year.At this time of spring in Penglai Pavilion, ushered in the most pleasant season of the year, magnolia in the Penglai Pavilion Qi Jiguang memorial in full bloom.Elegant, elegant and touching;Blossoming upward, inspiring.Blooming magnolia, such as the holy spirit, graceful graceful, curling posture dancing in the wind, graceful and moving!The magnolia blossoms in the temple of Weifang · Yishan/Yi Shandong Town fade the solitude of the mountain forest, and the light wind, sunlight and birdsong all travel through the flowers in the trees.A neat bald branch, magnolia proudly flowers, no leaves without green white flawless, a blossoming head on stretching graceful waist, sending out bursts of fragrance.The whole mountain because of magnolia become soft, bursts of spring breeze blowing, after the flower rain fall qin heart fragrance wafted in the mountains, let a person drunk for a long time.Address: 233 Linqu County, Weifang Other scenic spots: Zhucheng Dongguan Street, Weifang Botanical Garden, People’s Park, etc. -08 -/ Rizhao street Town Party Committee compound/in wulian County Street town Party Committee compound, there are two yulan trees more than 40 years old.Every Year in March, magnolia blossom, interpreting the spring prelude, glittering and translucent moist flowers bloom in the branches, from afar if the cloud steaming Xia Wei.Breeze, then under a magnolia rain, is definitely spring “have to come to the place”!Address: Rizhao Street Town Party Committee Compound – 09 -/ Rizhao Galaxy Park/The sunshine in March has broken away from the swaddling clothes of the cold winter, the warm sunshine spread over the whole city, the sea breeze is also a bit more gentle in spring, at this time the Milky Way Park magnolia blossom in the spring breeze.The pink petals spread out in pieces, each one extremely lovely.Standing in the distance facing the flowers and pressing the shutter, the picture in the lens is particularly beautiful and fresh, full of a romantic sense of pink tone.Address: Yantai Road, Donggang District, Rizhao City (about 250 meters southwest of the International Financial Center) Rizhao Other scenic spots: Rizhao Botanical Garden, Juxian Sangyuan, etc. There is a hope called spring flowers, there is a spring called magnolia open.If you ask what spring is like, don’t look at anything else, just look at this magnolia is enough, no leaves no green white flawless, sending out bursts of fragrance…The original spring eccentrically turned all of it into a magnolia.May the epidemic spread as soon as possible, and friends to a “Magnolia” about!Tips for epidemic prevention and control: Recently, the epidemic has occurred in many places in Shandong province, and the prevention and control situation and tasks are grim and complex.Hospitality reminds you not to travel to high-risk areas, pay attention to protection, do not go out of the market if it is not necessary, embrace the “poetry and distance” at home.Some pictures come from the Internet, copyright belongs to the original author