How bad was it for the Japanese navy after the battle of Midway?It’s hard to imagine

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June 4, 1942, an earth-shattering event took place in the Pacific theater, the Japanese navy and the United States Navy engaged in a fierce firefight on Midway Island.The Battle of Midway island is the first classic battle between aircraft carrier group and aircraft carrier group in the history of human warfare. Under the ambush of the United States, the Japanese navy suffered heavy losses and finally fled.But after the battle of Midway, the real nightmare for the defeated Japanese navy was just beginning.So how did the Japanese fail at Midway, and what happened to the sailors after that?In the middle of the Second World War, Germany and Japan showed their powerful military strength in Europe and Asia respectively.Germany even drove Britain into the sea and completely occupied Britain and France. At this time, as the world war continued to expand, more and more people called for peace.At this time, the United States has been rich in war money, while Japan also sold a lot of military resources, the direct relationship between Japan and the United States is very delicate.But the United States was pressured to halt all dealings with Japan after repeated calls from the international community.Japan also realized that the United States might get involved in World War II, and it would be easy to join the Allies depending on the attitude of the United States.Thinking of this, Japan felt that their situation was more difficult, in order to open up supply lines, Japan launched the attack on Pearl Harbor.The purpose of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor was to focus on attacking the US naval forces and to comprehensively destroy all aircraft carriers and carrier-borne aircraft in Pearl Harbor in world War I.But while the Japanese navy’s plan was perfect, the attack on Pearl Harbor was not really a success.In terms of results, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor did not deal a fatal blow to the United States, but only damaged an American aircraft carrier, which had been repaired in the subsequent Battle of Midway thanks to the great industrial capabilities of the United States.The incident, however, stirred up national anger and forced the United States into World War II on the side of the Allies.At the same time, both Japan and the United States began preparing for the next military operation.After the decisive battle of Midway Island and the disastrous attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan still took the absolute initiative in the navy. First of all, in the aspect of aircraft carrier, the United States had already lost its combat effectiveness in the Pearl Harbor incident.However, Japan has more aircraft carriers than the United States, and the comparison of naval forces is not completely equal.At this point, both sides are looking at Midway island.Midway island is located in the middle of the air route between the United States and Japan. It can be said that if the island is occupied, there is no need for fighter planes to take off from aircraft carriers to threaten the mainland of both sides. Instead, land war planes can set off from Midway Island to threaten the mainland of the other side.Japan then made up its mind about Midway.Japan is a very rigorous country. During the Pearl Harbor incident, their naval staff constantly rehearsed the military actions of both sides on the sand table. The perfect attack was launched only when the exercise and planning were perfect.But in midway, Japan is not as rigorous as it used to be.Among them, a Japanese naval staff predicted that the United States might ambush around Midway Island and launch a surprise attack on Japan. Finally, Japan failed miserably in the sand table exercise.However, Japanese Naval officer Tadichi Minamuno denied the drill, saying that the US could not predict the direction of its own attack, and called for a new drill.Eventually, the Japanese naval forces concluded that the United States had launched the Battle of Midway on the premise of a disastrous defeat at midway.The Battle of Midway island, the Japanese army still launched a surprise attack way, surprise attack Midway Island.However, American intelligence had already detected the Japanese intention, and the alert on Midway island was strengthened, while several carrier groups were lying in wait around.Nanyun Zhongyi is unknown, the Japanese four aircraft carriers and carrier-borne aircraft out, are carrying bombs on midway military base bombing.But the first Japanese attack, under the protection of troops at Midway, did no significant damage to the runways at Midway.The Us Midway air force can still take off to harass the Japanese carriers.Nanyun zhongichi saw that its operational objectives were not fully achieved, and asked the carrier aircraft with land warfare equipment to take off again to bomb the air force runway.But the US carrier group was already close to the Japanese carrier group.In the Japanese carrier-borne aircraft after the replacement of a new round of land warfare equipment, take off again, the United States launched a surprise attack on the Japanese.Japan had no premonition of the American ambush and was taken by surprise.Nagumo zhongichi was forced to let the carrier aircraft did not take off immediately replace the naval battle torpedo, but the sudden order, so that just replaced the equipment of the Japanese logistics in a panic.For a time the Japanese aircraft carrier is full of sea and land bomb transport, the cabin is very dangerous.After the Replacement of the Japanese Navy, all the fighters were lost, and a large number of newly replaced bombs were piled up in the replacement bin.The bombs dropped by American planes happened to fall in the bombs, and the Japanese aircraft carriers “Akagi”, “Kaga”, “Soryu”, “Flying Dragon” four aircraft carriers were blown up and lost combat effectiveness.At the same time, carrier-borne aircraft and cruisers suffered heavy losses.It can be said that this war, Japan completely lost the leadership of the Pacific War, from strategic attack was forced to passive defense.The United States, on the other hand, lost only one aircraft carrier, successfully completing the reverse of naval power.The defeat of Midway was not only the beginning of the defeat of the Japanese campaign, but also the beginning of the defeat of the heart.After the great defeat of Japan, the plight of the Japanese navy is beyond imagination.The battle of Midway wiped out nearly 10 years of Japanese naval savings overnight.The 110 Japanese pilots killed in action were all elite Japanese pilots, making it difficult for Japan to resupply personnel.Moreover, the fiasco at Midway is bound to raise questions about Japan’s victory in World War II.As a result, the Japanese navy suppressed news of the defeat immediately after the battle of Midway.At the same time, Japan tried to boost the confidence of its people by publicizing the victory of the Battle of Midway.In fact, however, news of failure always leaked out.In order to prevent the leakage of military secrets, All Japanese military personnel who participated in the Battle of Midway island are stationed on the islands.And in order to do this, all personnel stationed in the island, are not allowed to send letters, telegrams and other information to home.This effectively made all the personnel stationed on the island a lone army, greatly reducing the morale of the personnel stationed on the island.In addition, for the wounded, the Japanese army called in a group of deeply militaristic Japanese medical personnel.These people believe in militarism, have absolute loyalty to the Japanese state, and will never leak any information.From then on, the men who participated in midway, both wounded and stationed on the island, had no means of communication with the outside world.These abandoned children, for the country so treat him is very sad.At the same time, many Japanese personnel could not believe in militarism in the later period of the war, and the combat effectiveness of Japanese troops was greatly reduced.These abandoned children, in the desert island eventually became a victim of Japan’s smoke screen.In addition to rank-and-file soldiers and officers, Japan’s top generals fared badly.The Senior Officer of the Japanese Navy, Nanumun Zhongichi, as the main officer responsible for the defeat of midway Island, was “dispatched to the frontier” by the top, stationed in Saipan island.During his time on Saipan, Nagumo hoped he could wipe out his humiliation.However Midway island naval battle, The pit that Nan Yun Zhongyi digs for Japan is too big, the Japanese Marine elite of this one War all loses almost, later period is to be able to carry on the sea contending for war only with big and number.As one could imagine, Japan had no way back, and on Saipan, The defeat of Nanumo became a foregone conclusion.In the end, Nanumo Zhongichi could not look at a batch of marines to die on the front of Saipan island, and finally chose the Japanese suicide method commonly used, suicide by caesarean section.And Japanese attack Pearl Harbor mastermind Yamamoto 56 also failed to die well, the United States for the war to burn to the United States mainland mastermind, nature to its decided a series of assassination plan.After the Battle of Midway, Yamamoto learned that his intelligence code was still being cracked by the United States, so he changed the new password.During this period, Yamamoto 56 using the new password to convey their own inspection of rabaul information.However, all this was the United States intelligence insight, The United States intelligence again cracked the Japanese new version of the password, know yamamoto 56 inspection rabaul time, route.Nimitz then made plans for the ambush, which were eventually discussed at the White House and agreed to.In April 1943, Yamamoto was intercepted by American planes on his way to Rabaul.After the American aircraft lured the escort to the other side, two fighter jets strafed Yamamoto’s plane madly.Eventually, Yamamoto’s right wing plane caught fire and lost power, eventually crashing into the forest.To his death, Yamamoto never imagined that The United States would know so quickly what he was doing, nor that he would end his life in this way.Since then, all the officers and soldiers involved in the Battle of Midway have either killed themselves or become pariants of their country, and their fate has not been bad.Conclusion Japan’s defeat is an inevitable trend, war tests the nation’s endurance, to see who can endure.In the end, Japan failed to sit still in the Pacific, antagonizing the wrong enemy and hastening its own demise.And the soldiers who participated in the Battle of Midway should never have thought to their death that their deeply believed militarism would eventually make them the pariah of their country.Not only could he not visit his family, he could not even send any information to China, and his life was wiped out by the state.