Villagers in Gongyi, Henan province move to their new homes after the July 20 rainstorm

2022-07-28 0 By

On Lantern Festival, representatives of 285 households in Gongyi, Henan province, were given the keys to their new homes.Reporters from the Gongyi city government learned that before the end of this year, the affected people can move back to the new house.It is understood that after the “7·20” torrential rain disaster, the Gong Yi Municipal Party Committee and government of rural housing disaster recovery and reconstruction as the first people’s livelihood project, to speed up the recovery and reconstruction.At present, all 7,256 houses that need to be repaired and strengthened have been completed, 495 original houses have been rebuilt, 210 houses have been built in the same village, and 398 houses have been purchased with monetary compensation.The 186 households resettled in the current housing model have all signed resettlement agreements, and some have moved back.Concentration and resettlement, 24 community model projects have 14 projects are the main body construction, 25 g model in the project, BeiShanKou Town plain, wing road street after spring ditch village, river village meiyukou big ditch temple town, village, SheCun Town ShangZhuang Village, m river town wei village village five centralized resettlement project completion has been realized, involving 285 peasant households.Source: CCTV news, reporter Tian Meng and Wang Yidan