The latest!2022QS World University Rankings by Subject, these schools are worth collecting

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The closely watched QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 have been released!In addition to the usual academic reputation, employer reputation, citations per paper and H index, the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022 has introduced an additional indicator, international Research Networks (IRN), which can reflect effective and sustained international collaboration.Using these five indicators as a reference, QS ranks 51 sub-disciplines and five academic fields.This year 812 institutions feature in the rankings for subjects and academic areas that they have not previously featured in.The US, UK and Mainland China are the three regions with the most new entries on the list.More than 1,000 more academic programmes have been included in the qs World University Rankings by Subject than last year, with 17,700 entries in the top five academic fields, making it the world’s largest student-oriented subject ranking.What computer, business, petroleum engineering everything, absolutely meet your needs.Have not chosen a good school small friends to grasp the collection!!Fourteen of the engineering and technology top 50 schools are in the US, with the straight-up elite schools such as MIT and Stanford not surprising.UIUC, Georgia Tech, Purdue, etc.Space is limited, to enumerate the American college of chemical engineering, civil engineering, computer, electronic electrical, mechanical engineering and other popular major TOP 25 chemical engineering, civil engineering Georgia institute of technology, the university of Illinois at urbana-champaign, and computer, the university of Texas at Austin, the three schools, want to learn computer classmates look, don’t only pay attention to comprehensive ranking,Although the overall ranking of these three schools is not high, but the computer strength is very strong!In the humanities list, although American universities did not occupy the top spot, they dominated the top 10, with Harvard, UC-Berkely, Stanford, Yale and other universities making their mark in almost every list.Similarly, American university fine arts field popular major TOP 25 on the building and construction environment art and design note ~ linguistics QS pure art colleges and universities of the United States together, but the two types of college curriculum, training direction, such as there is a difference between, if have special preference for art college students, the rankings are for reference only!The University of California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Berkeley, and Davis have all made the list.In the past two years, JHU, an “old-timer”, has become famous again in the field of life science and medicine with his epidemic data statistics website.MIT and Harvard University and The University of Cambridge are ranked in the TOP three in the natural sciences, while Tsinghua University and Peking University in Mainland China are ranked 23rd and 21st respectively worldwide.Environmental science and material science and mathematics in the field of social science and management almost every academic head position is between British and American universities, social science and management is not exceptional also, top 5 names are British and American universities, after all, the education quality of the two countries is also in the top position in the world, has also been a study in a hot country.Accounting and Finance Business and Research Management As a leader in business, M7 enjoys a certain reputation and advantages in the world: Harvard University tops the list;Stanford University and MIT occupy 4th and 5th place respectively;The business department of the university of Pennsylvania is also ranked in the TOP10 in the world, ranking 7th.Northwestern University and the University of Chicago were ranked 16th and 19th in the world’s top 20.Columbia ranked 22nd in business.Media economics and econometrics statistics and operational research, one thousand people’s eyes. There are one thousand Hamlet, more professional, nor fair ranking is for people to provide a reasonable scientific choose the school standards, moreover each institution’s ranking different criteria, mixed with some “interests”, also can have different ranking results.Therefore, ranking is only a reference basis, the selection of school or combined with their own characteristics to consider other needs, the right is the best!Concerned about the public number of the American study center, returned teachers, senior consultants for you to customize the study abroad program.P.S. want to see USNews or QS which subdivision professional ranking message, the homepage bacteria all meet you ~~~