Are aliens real?The “Chinese Eye” made a major discovery, capturing 1,652 mysterious signals in 50 days

2022-07-30 0 By

Although technology has become more and more advanced, people’s curiosity has not abated.People are always curious about things like aliens and extraterrestrial civilizations.Many scientists do not understand, the vast universe of stars, is the earth the only planet with civilization?The universe is so big, the earth is just one of the small dust, the universe does not know how many similar “Earth” planets exist, we have not seen, does not necessarily mean that there is no.Exploring the mysteries of the universe requires a few tools, and China’s Tianyan has just that.The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced at a press conference the operation of the China SkyEye FAST, which captured 1,652 FAST radio bursts in 50 days.At its peak, the rate was 122 bursts per hour, more than all previous telescopes combined had detected in more than a decade.And just to tell you what a fast radio burst is.It is a mysterious radio astronomy phenomenon from outside the Milky Way galaxy. It bursts for just a few milliseconds, which is very brief, less than the blink of an eye, but it is extremely bright, equal to the energy released by the sun in an entire day.Zhang Bing, coordinator of the China Sky Eye Fast Radio Storm major observation project, said it was “still unknown” how much the fast radio storm had to do with aliens.From the perspective of the whole universe, there are trillions of galaxies and trillions of solar systems. At present, the earth and human beings have not even gone out of the solar system. How can they know anything beyond the galaxy?What’s more, earthlings don’t even have an explanation for what’s happening on Earth, let alone what’s happening in the solar system or the Milky Way galaxy.They say seeing is believing.But we Chinese consider ourselves descendants of the dragon. Who has ever seen a dragon?If not, why does every Chinese think they are the descendants of the dragon?Today’s society is all about science, but when something strange happens, clever scientists can’t explain it.Zhang bing believes that in the entire universe, the Milky Way for example, there are about 100 billion stars, and almost every star has some planets nearby.Just like the sun, there are other planets orbiting the sun, not just the Earth.There are hundreds of millions of sun-like planets in the Milky Way galaxy, and each sun-like planet has several other planets next to it.Some of those planets will be earth-like and will become habitable and likely have developed advanced civilizations.Zhang believes it is likely that some planets have developed civilizations more advanced than earth’s.If an extraterrestrial civilization wants to be discovered, a FAST radio burst would be a good option, but not necessarily on our current time scale.Just like fast radio bursts, which are invisible to us but “visible” to the celestial eye, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are also invisible to us but can be felt by our skin, especially in summer.So is there any extraterrestrial intelligence, do aliens really exist?I believe the answer in everyone’s heart is different.