“Can not take baby out at night”, parents can not be careless, there is scientific evidence to prove

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Do you like to take your baby out at night?Introduction As parents, you do not know whether to hear the old man’s words: can not take children out at night, it will be bad.In fact, in the face of the elders said, parents generally will not believe, any such words are spread before without any basis, on the line “Love Apartment” said: 2:30 do not go home is not good.But parents are wrong. There’s actually some science behind the idea of not taking your kids out at night.01 There is scientific evidence to prove that “can’t take baby out at night” here said “can’t take baby out at night”, not to say that there will be anything bad happen, but take baby out at night first is not safe, second is not much good for the growth and development of children.Experts have found through research: too late to take baby out, will affect the child’s body hormones, and sleep will also cause a certain impact.Human growth hormone secretion is day and night cycle, day and night hormone secretion is different, especially in children, the amount of growth hormone secretion at night is about 3 times as much as during the day.However, some parents hope after dinner to rest for a period of time with her to go out to play, let’s figure out, the average family dinner at 6 o ‘clock, after dinner nearly seven o ‘clock, rest after a period of time at half past seven, when to take children go out to play at least an hour to one half, then returned home much more ready to sleep about nine o ‘clock.Because the child’s body and mind is still in the excited state of playing outside, so it is difficult to fall asleep quickly, almost half past 10 or 11 PM to enter deep sleep, sleep at this time already affect children hormones in the body, so at night it is best not to take her to go out to play, it is ok to play at home.What are the other effects of taking children out at night?After dark, the line of sight becomes shorter and blurred. Although there are fewer people outside, there are still great safety risks for children.In the evening, food delivery boys are in the majority, and some communities will allow food delivery boys to ride electric bikes to enter, originally dark blurred vision, so it is easy to cause potential danger to children.In addition, roads at night are difficult for children to see and prone to falls, and in dark places with no streetlights, there are opportunities for traffickers.No matter where the temperature difference between day and night will be large, especially in spring, you may wear a single coat in the day when it is hot, and you may wear a down jacket when it is cold at night.Adults can’t stand it, let alone children, so it’s easy for children to get sick because of the low dark temperature. Once children get well, they have to wait for a period of time. After all, children’s bodies are still relatively weak, which can’t be compared with adults.So, in the spring evening or take the baby out less, if you really want children to go out to play at night, until the summer is not too late.There’s a lot of uncertainty after dark. Night is different from day. Having clear vision during the day not only allows kids to play freely, but also allows parents to keep their kids safe.However, at night there can be a lot of uncertainty, such as children falling, children being blown over and so on, so it is best not to take children outside at night.I believe that after reading the introduction of the above, parents can understand the meaning of the old people often said “don’t take baby out at night”, elders are also for the safety of children, so parents can not be careless, can not take children out at night don’t take their children out, if you have to take out,It is best to wear “glow-in-the-dark shoes” for your child not only so that you can spot your child in the first place, but also to alert others that there is a child here.However, try not to take your children out at night when they are young.