Service guarantee urban renewal, urban construction!Qingdao court to promote the New Year “blue Storm” enforcement action

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In order to implement the three-year action plan of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee and Qingdao Municipal Government on urban renewal and urban construction and the requirements of Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court on “Judicial Style Ability Improvement Year”, Qingdao Courts actively integrate their execution work into the center and serve the overall situation to ensure high-quality economic development.On March 29, Qingdao Intermediate People’s Court held the promotion meeting of “Blue Storm” spring thunder implementation action and urban renewal implementation special action.The implementation of the special action for urban renewal began on March 4 and ended on December 31. The action is divided into three stages: investigation, classified disposal and key clearing, summary and acceptance.The court in the city will focus on the judicial seizure of idle land and special clean-up “uncompleted project”, by focusing on crucial involved in urban renewal, city construction of major projects and carry out case, idle land disposal to promote judicial seizure of idle resources rational allocation and effective use of real estate, to update and Qingdao city urban construction to provide powerful legal guarantee.From April, Qingdao court will be based on the preliminary investigation of the bottom book, on the seized real estate case by case.For the judicially sealed land that meets the disposal conditions, priority shall be given immediately to the evaluation and auction and the emptying and delivery;If the first creditor does not apply for evaluation or auction for a long time, and other creditors voluntarily pay evaluation fees and apply for evaluation or auction on the condition that there are clear written materials, the evaluation or auction procedures shall be initiated according to their functions and powers;If the seized real estate cannot be disposed of in accordance with the law due to incomplete procedures and other reasons, it shall actively report to the local Party Committee and government and put forward suggestions for overall planning and coordination. The court shall cooperate with the clean-up and disposal work in accordance with the law.Give full play to the functions of local urban renewal and urban construction headquarters, land reserve institutions and state-owned capital investment and operation companies, and strive to improve the auction transaction rate of idle real estate;To summarize and study the application of laws and understanding of policies and formulate guiding opinions;In case of suspension of hearing, suspension of execution or termination of execution, measures shall be studied case by case to eliminate obstacles affecting the progress of disposal;For cases involving key projects and other cases, the government and the people’s Procuratorate will coordinate them in a timely manner to solve problems encountered in implementation.The municipal court will increase the disposal of the seized real estate to improve the efficiency of development and use.Strengthen the linkage mechanism between the government and the People’s Procuratorate, strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, realize data interconnection, implement enterprise qualifications and construction project progress as soon as possible, and focus on solving problems such as seizure, auction, tax deduction, transfer of ownership, and relocation in a package.We will carry out reform of the enforcement mechanism that focuses on intensive transactions and separates complex and simple procedures, and introduce a five-point model that separates complex and simple transactions, the speed and pace of operations, the severity of operations, and procedures, so as to maximize the effectiveness of the enforcement mechanism.We will continue to strengthen the management of the payment of the case, form a long-term mechanism, and make the management of the payment of the case a demonstration project that serves the people.Through the implementation of urban renewal initiatives, the enforcement of cases involving Party and government organs, finance, and people’s livelihood will be promoted to comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of enforcement.At the meeting, the courts in Qingdao were briefed on the results of their previous winter warming enforcement actions, and 3,011 cases related to people’s livelihood were cleared and executed, with a total amount of 187 million yuan.Among them, 75 centralized execution actions were carried out, 358 people were arrested and arrested, 7 people were investigated for refusing to be executed, and more than 50 people were given judicial assistance with an amount of 1.8684 million yuan.At the meeting, the People’s Court of Laoshan District and the People’s Court of Chengyang District exchanged experience on the implementation of “Blue Storm” spring thunder and urban renewal implementation special action. The People’s Court of Huangdao District of Qingdao introduced the reform experience of “intensive affairs and separation of complex and simple matters”.(Correspondent He Wenjie lu Jiao)