Xue Yuyang, who was once selected by NBA, why finally vanished?

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Since Yao Ming came to the NBA as the no. 1 overall pick in 2002, the NBA has been paying more attention to the quality of Chinese players, and Xue yuyang is one of them.He was the first Chinese player to be drafted in the NBA after Yao Ming.Xue yuxiang is in 1982 was born in henan jiaozuo, and due to the excellent physical condition, from when I was ten years old he began to come into contact with the basketball, in when I was 16 years old into henan province basketball team, at the age of 18 took part in the national basketball in serie b, at the age of 20 in the serie a league, too.At that time, Xue Yuyang also represented Hong Kong Flying Dragons in the CBA league. As the number one star of the team, Xue Yuyang also had unlimited firing power. He had scored 49 points in a single game, grabbed 19 rebounds in a single game, and made 10 3-pointers in a single game.His outstanding performance also attracted the attention of scouts in the United States, considering that in the NBA at that time, it was rare to see a big man with three-point range and height of more than 2.1 meters.The Dallas Mavericks also selected Xue Yuyang with the 57th overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft, perhaps because of his excellent physical condition and soft touch.However, the day after Xue was drafted, the Chinese Basketball Association said that the time was not ripe for xue to join the NBA and he could not go to the NBA.In fact, it is very possible that the BASKETBALL association did not want xue yuyang to leave. After all, at that time, if Chinese players wanted to join the NBA, they had to face great resistance. For example, Wang Zhizhi was not allowed to join the NBA.Therefore, the so-called “premature” reason of the basketball association is probably just to stop him, because Xue yuyang is the no. 1 pick in the CBA draft and has not made any contribution to the CBA team. If he leaves at this time, then the team that selected him will not accept it.Moreover, if he went to NBA, it would be against the CBA draft system, and it would not be easy to carry out the draft in the future. Therefore, for comprehensive consideration, the Basketball Association also rejected Xue Yuyang to join the NBA.In fact, even if the basketball association does not stop Xue Yuyang, then he can smoothly go to the NBA to play?Not necessarily, because his draft pick is so low, the NBA’s two-round draft will select a total of 60 teams.And Xue Yuyang is in the 57th, this position of the players basically will not play the ball, although the Mavericks chose him, but it does not mean that he will sign, nor does it mean that he will give him a guaranteed contract.Moreover, xue Yuyang did not lose the chance completely after the BASKETBALL Association blocked xue Yuyang from joining the NBA. If he could play hard in the CBA and help the team win the championship or make his own value, he would still have the chance to go to the NBA.However, he chose to abandon himself after being frustrated, so his performance in THE CBA began to get worse and worse, and finally he was vanished.As a professional player in his youth, Xue Yuyang also had his moments of brilliance, but he failed to continue the performance of brilliance. Finally, he was lost to the public, and the brief moments of brilliance did not make fans remember him.And he himself will certainly be reluctant, although he has a deep obsession with basketball, but has not been able to prove himself.