Contents and email address of Young Writer, No. 2, 2022

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An Interview with Chinese Writers 005 – My True Friend in the Chinese World – Wang Dewei/Wang Dewei/Zhu Youke heavy Metal 017- Ask a Horse to Make a Match/A Yirui novel 037 – There is no Trace/Yuan Yuan 060 – I am the Murderer/Guo Jiunxun 079 – Kuntili Villa/Bai Lin 092 -Hidden Mountain/Zhi Awei 098 – White Ox/Luo Haoyu New power 104 – Host words: off track, overflow the boundary of the moment/Xu Chenliang 105 – Missing person notice/Liu Guoxin 123 – Someone behind/Li Xiaochen 133 – Tree Hole/Xu Guilin 139 – commentators say:Expand the wide and deep experience world from a very narrow Angle/Liwen Experiment Field 143 – Investigation Report/Wang Shengquan Prose Workshop 156 – Meet Myself in Jf Foshan/Liu Liangcheng 160 – When We Are Talking about Words/Hou Zhiming 163 – What Should I present to You/Ye Chianyun 168 – Autumn Village on earth /Permanent columns include: Interviews with Classic Chinese writers, Heavy Metal, sharp novels, Prose Workshop, Experimental Field, New Power, Overseas Chinese Writers, Non-fiction, a lai column, foreign song, new Criticism.▌ Sharp novel: sharp and thick, the exploration of reality, the concern of humanity, and the thinking of the style itself will be expressed.▌ Our direction is to be in awe of nature, to control the soul, to think about life, and to explore the inner self.There are three sub-columns of living things, spiritual history and new feeling, which are like the triple doors of prose. No matter which one you enter, we will value your discovery and expression.▌ The enduring theme is always one or another chant out of time. This column is devoted to the poems of the post-80s, 90s and 00s poets.▌ Non-fiction: Writing against the background of realistic elements has become a new literary possibility due to its special narrative characteristics.Uncovering the truth of life has always been a writing adventure.The column welcomes excellent nonfiction works of up to 20,000 words, and authors are required to accompany the articles with convincing images.☞ New criticism: It is a discourse field for literary critics who are enthusiastic, powerful, energetic and responsible to grasp the trends of literature, track the hot spots of literature and criticize the malpractice of literature.The manuscript fee is currently 300-500 yuan per thousand words.Namely column headline 500 yuan / 1000 words, other 300 yuan / 1000 words.The payment shall be settled within 24 hours after approval.Public email address: