Tangyin Ancient sage: living environment non-stop, old appearance for new “appearance level”

2022-07-31 0 By

In order to continuously improve the overall rural appearance of Guxian Town and promote the long-term governance and cleanliness of the rural living environment, Guxian Town, based on the actual situation, took multiple measures and launched a heavy attack to promote the improvement and renovation of the living environment of all villages, so that Guxian Town “old appearance” to “new look”.Guxian town fully mobilized the enthusiasm and initiative of all villages to participate in environmental remediation, organized village cadres and party members to focus on key areas such as main roads and back streets in the village, and cleaned up garbage and weeds on both sides of the road in time.All villages actively cooperated with each other, and further promoted the cleaning and remediation activities. Silt and garbage were removed from roads and rivers along the lines of each village group to solve the environmental health problems of the village, effectively improve the appearance of the village, and enhance the comfort and satisfaction of the villagers.(Correspondent: Yuan Haojie, Qin Lei)