Zhang Zifeng, ZHOU Dongyu, SHEN Mengchen, Yao Chen, ZHANG Liangying, ZHANG Ting, ZHENG Yecheng, GUO Bitting

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Zhang Zifeng’s mother is furious. She has been forcing her to break up these days. In fact, she is very serious in love.2. Luo Yunxi is still shooting long months, the next play contact is modern subject matter, he is now the studio operation, the studio he said, but several platforms tied more tightly, the play is not too free.3. At present, Zhang Xiaofei only has a broker in Jia Ling’s side, and the business appointment has already been signed and sung.4. Zhou Dongyu and Liu Haocun are also platitudes. They have been mentioned many times before about their similarities and comparability.Liu Haocun has been using Zhou Dongyu to promote his coffee since his debut (Zhou Dongyu is to see the face of capital, of course, there are also Lao Mou in the middle of the mediation, so he has not paid much attention to these things).And now is not only the problem of ceng, Liu Haocun is iron heart to step on Zhou Dongyu upper, has been in the release said Zhou Dongyu was also a debut is not recognized, now not also successful award flying after the film, road popularity and word of mouth is not also up?Feel that they will be the next week of dongyu, even better to climb higher.Zhou Dongyu let the team to find Liu Haocun negotiations, let them not so brazenly step on their own position, the result of Liu Haocun directly out of the high price poached to negotiate the staff picture.The employee is indeed enchanted, directly with their own small group to go to Liu Haocun, now they are not the fact has been placed on the surface, many people are looking at the joke.But to tell the truth Zhou Dongyu is very difficult to have what substantive counterattack, after all, she is not good with the old mou, also can not afford to offend liu Haocun after a few capital, some losses or have to eat, waiting for the right opportunity to do things again.5 zheng Yecheng is quite popular in the market, especially in the medium production of the drama, he has the male master male resources have not broken, he is also a desperately 13 lang, play about one after another.He started his own studio last year after successfully settling a contract dispute with his former company. There is no news about signing a new company yet.Xiang Zuo and Guo Bitting are currently busy filming a new film, which Xiang Zuo co-financed and co-starred with Guo Bitting. The film was shot in Beijing and Tianjin.Guo Bitting and zuo took her daughter to the cast side, as long as the rest will take her daughter to go out to play.Yesterday, the couple went to a noodle restaurant in Tianjin with their daughter. The child was so clever that he could sit on his own chair and eat independently.7. Shen Mengchen is now living in her husband’s home. She had promised to live separately with her in-laws after marriage, but her husband went back on his word and insisted that she live with her in-laws and serve the elderly.2. Ju Jingyi believes in the principle of work on time. If you work more than eight hours, you will have to pay extra for her.3 Zhang Zhenyuan now resources in the group is good, the new season yearning for the life team to help him talk about the permanent guest position, Zhang Zifeng now love affected the word of mouth, is likely to be replaced.Zhang will also attend the closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.4. Luo Zhixiang is now jumping up and down to engage in heat, but unfortunately a platform for him to limit the flow, no matter how many tricks, he is still not hot search.5. After Du Haitao And Shen Mengchen received the certificate, they also received some blessings. Of course, some people did not feel surprised and thought that they could have a result, after all, they had said they would get married for several years.Others looked into business ties between the two men and found no direct connection, prompting questions.In fact, this approach is not more worry?Equivalent to the husband and wife in charge of their own money, not like others so involved in too close, if there is a divorce or one of the things, that is not related to the economic interests of the situation will save a lot of things.It’s not that people don’t expect the best of them when they get married, but in terms of risk, it does have certain advantages.Of course, now the two just married, the back will not be related is not to say, anyway, there are professionals to help deal with these things.6. Yao Chen has received a gift book from the goose manufacturer, which is a female inspirational drama book of the law prosecution and law police. The production team is very good, but Yao Chen has some concerns and has not yet decided.Yao Chen now very pick the script, every year also one or two leading role of the rhythm of the play, there is no book, would rather not play, anyway, have their own film and television company, behind-the-scenes work is also pretty much, she does not take the play will not have much leisure.7. Xie Na is now quite depressed, but also want to pull some evergreen male host group a program to cooperate again, but the evergreen male host now also don’t want to be her drag, has politely refused.1. Wu Qian prepared to marketing independent women set, she did not give her ex-husband a look, scold are too lazy to scold.2. Yanxu jia has a lot of black material in the former girlfriend that, but at present a child star actress protecting her, to help find a relationship with those black material pressure……3. Xx sword is affected by the divorce is quite big, especially the public opinion is toward W Qian, he had received several scripts before, but now the film side that gave him the book is now taking back the book, want to wait for the public opinion after the situation.4. Zhang Ting only uses ladies’ skin care products, and dare not use her own products. The experience pictures posted on some platforms are just to deceive those ignorant women.5. Zhang Liangying posted a video of singing and asked everyone to guess who was singing. Some people guessed that it was Zhang Tianai and others said it was herself, but it was actually Liu Yifei’s voice, and then Liu Yifei also came to comment and interact with her.They have been friends for many years. Liu Yifei used to be a bridesmaid when Zhang Got married, and she also sent her best wishes on her birthday.Their long friendship has led some fans to get hooked on them. However, some netizens don’t know that the two have been dating for so long, mainly because they don’t have too much bestie publicity, so it’s nice to have a conversation like this once in a while.They are not in the same field, there is no competition, and they have the same personality, so it is not unexpected that they can play well. There are many other pairs in the fish circle.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to baifen star entertainment, Yu More MCN