County leaders Guo Xianfeng organized investment promotion work will be held

2022-08-01 0 By

February 8, county party committee standing committee, propaganda minister, deputy county magistrate Guo Xianfeng organized investment promotion work will be promoted, county investment promotion bureau responsible for comrade to attend.Guo Xianfeng stressed that this year is a breakthrough year for investment promotion, we should carefully sort out the projects under discussion, find out the progress of the work, strengthen the docking efforts, and strive to sign the contract as soon as possible;We should actively plan, extensively look for project clues, actively track key projects, negotiate and promote project progress as soon as possible;To dock with the superior departments, optimize my county investment promotion task allocation table, so that the relevant departments, especially potential, resources of the department to join the investment promotion team, for my county investment promotion work to make due contributions.