A sentimental collection, a crowning collection

2022-08-02 0 By

Collecting is not a mystery, everyone can;You can see it everywhere, whether you want it or not.Some collections do not need investment, need is sincere, with love to the depths of a lifetime, it is emotional collection.Emotion is the most beautiful sublimation in everyone’s inner state and the necessity of loneliness in everyone’s inner state.Emotion collection, the emotion is deeply buried in the bottom of my heart, occasionally replay, such as the voice and appearance of deceased relatives, predestined love of the opposite sex, I raise my hometown complex;Emotional collection, even a photo, an envelope, a relic, etc., is a kind of remembrance, a regret, a regret;Emotional collection is also a kind of belief, such as badges, quotations, anthologies, stamps, portraits, etc., can express the memory of great men, the reverence of heroes, etc.Emotional collection, born from the heart, human nature;The collection of emotions, supreme, is not measured by money;Emotional collection, with deep feelings, lifelong, will not be affected by the external environment.If the benefit collection is a kind of psychological satisfaction, then the emotional collection is a kind of conscience comfort.My name is Cao Liuqing, and I will continue to update the collection of articles. Please read the likes and comments and pay attention to them.Thank you very much!