Because the man can not take 500,000 dowry, his girlfriend is dragged away by his parents, follow-up: parents do not agree with the object

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In recent years, with the rising cost of marriage in the marriage market, the cost of rural men getting married has become higher and higher, and many families are overwhelmed. Just the bride price can empty the savings of several generations of an ordinary family.In our hometown, the bride price is also high, years ago in the village there were engaged young men, it is said that the bride price is the first 180,000 yuan, 180,000 yuan, that is to say, when they meet, the man gives the bride price 180,000 yuan, wait until the wedding day, then give the bride price 180,000 yuan, all in cash.This is just a bride price money, the premise is the man in the city to buy a house, a car, so a boy to get married, no problem 7.8 million even millions, eight lines (small make up in the small town is a small town), though his family still want to son married their money, as long as the small two future can boon conjugal love of husband and wife, happy life, bitter some tired also willing to.In addition, when the bride price is married, the reasonable parents will also let their daughter take it back to serve as a small family reserve fund.However, a girl in Gansu province was dragged away and beaten by her parents because her husband’s family could not come up with a bride price of up to 500,000 yuan. I have to say that such a thing is really unthinkable and makes people puzzled.By taking out 500000 CAI li, his girlfriend on February 11, forcibly dragged away by the family, ningxia yinchuan, a pet blogger has released a video in person, he said his girlfriend and he is 6 years, have bought the house, also added a girlfriend’s name, but even so, the woman’s parents still strongly opposed to the two exchanges, and said, do not take out 500000 bride price money to,I wouldn’t have approved of their marriage.Her girlfriend had been living with her boyfriend at his home. Unexpectedly, on this day, her parents and several people rushed directly into his house. Her father forcibly dragged her daughter out of the house, while her mother took a clothes hanger and beat her.Boys from home was also the woman’s brother and other relatives beat, the man had no choice but to call the police for help, and trace to the woman’s home location, Gansu.This scene, is really shocking, too scary!When netizens saw this scene, they were shocked and denounced the high price of betrothal gifts. They used the examples of people around them to tell the rising price of betrothal gifts across the country.CAI li take place, more in general is remote and backward rural or rural area, and economically developed cities or regions, such as in the south of the bride price money is not high, generally to tens of thousands of yuan, a pro, meaning, and married, to love the daughter’s parents will give her a lot of him, basically the groom’s family will not have the too big burden.The poorer the place, the poorer the economic condition or the family with many brothers, the more generous the bride’s parents are, the price is hundreds of thousands, the family must be emptied, the rest of the debt has to be paid by the poor man’s parents.It is said that the bride’s family is from Gansu province, gansu area of the bride price is also relatively heavy, in addition, according to the local insider reaction said, the wife’s family has a younger brother, the wife’s family preference son, certainly want to marry daughter to a large sum of bride price, good for their son to marry a wife.I have to say, this is a “Fan Sheng Mei” type of family, the girl was born in such a family, it is too sad!Police investigation, the woman parents respond that the dowry is an excuse, do not agree with two people get married, however, after his alarm, the police investigation, found her parents changed, they insist, is not to the bride price money 500000, it was just a grudge, purpose is to prevent lived with her daughter and the man did not agree to their marriage.The woman’s parents also said that they had already bought a house for their son and made the down payment, and that the truth was not as netizens assumed.No matter how specific reasons, the parents in public so treat their own daughter, but also let a person see the very chilling, since daughter likes the man, willing to spend a lifetime with him, for the sake of her daughter’s happiness, should accept the boy, how can such a simple and crude manner to do such a thing?Such a brutal act of coercion, not only can not stop the two of them from communicating, but will also provoke the daughter’s treason, if the two really married later, the relationship between the son-in-law and the parentsin-law will not change harmony, get along with very awkward.Also some people say, not by the parents blessing of marriage will not have a good ending, perhaps the girl was confused by love eyes, since the parents so strongly opposed, naturally have their reason, may see the man is not reliable can not guarantee to the daughter’s life of happiness, so say also hope the girl think twice.Finally, I sincerely hope that this man loves this woman, in order to be able to be with you, not hesitate to turn against his parents, how much courage this needs.He also advised the parents that if they really want their daughter’s happiness, they should put down their attitude and get along with their future son-in-law. This is a sign of true love for their daughter.Son and daughter are their own children, the palm and the back of the hand are meat, should not favor one over the other, should not satisfy the son’s good life at the expense of the daughter’s happiness, do you agree?Want to know more exciting content, pay attention to the wood purple column