Dare to touch Taiwan?Wu qian warned Japan in front of the world: don’t stretch your hand too far

2022-08-02 0 By

At present, the international security situation is in sharp turmoil, and the Russia-Ukraine conflict has gradually attracted the attention of all countries around the world.A top showdown between the United States and Russia began, the two sides you come and I go, each strange move, who is not willing to retreat half step.As far as the russia-Ukraine situation is concerned, the United States is playing the role of “behind the scenes”, while western countries are playing the role of “pawn”.The power of the mastermind is particularly important, but the power of the pawn cannot be ignored.Of many Western countries, Japan has been the most aggressive, issuing repeated sanctions aimed at Russia.Recently, the arrogant Kishida also compared the Conflict between Russia and Ukraine to the situation across the Taiwan Strait, causing a stir.Dare to cross China’s red line, Wu Qian quickly warned Japan: don’t hand shen too long!In the case of Ukraine, Japan has been particularly helpful in pushing the US down on Russia.Freezing Russian assets in Japan, restricting exports, banning energy imports and removing trade preferences are all from Japan.Of course, There are reasons for Japan to spare no effort to target Russia. On the one hand, Japan and Russia are in constant territorial disputes over the “Four Northern Islands”, and Japan can rely on the United States’ pressure to further defeat Russia.On the other, follow America’s will, reap dividends and win the admiration of big Brother.Recently, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida pointed out that the “special military action” launched by Russia has seriously shaken the international security order, and such things should never be allowed to happen in East Asia.Peace across the Taiwan Straits is particularly important to Japan’s security. Japan is considering revising its National Security Strategy to comprehensively strengthen its defense capabilities.It is worth noting that Japan is seeking nuclear sharing.In short, Japan wants the United States to deploy nuclear missiles in Japan as a deterrent to neighboring countries.Japan is currently working on developing long-range cruise missiles and importing F-35B fighter jets from the United States.It is not difficult to see that the Russia-Ukraine conflict made Japan feel the importance of military power.From Japan’s point of view, pretending to be a tiger is the simplest and most effective way.China has been quick to clarify its position as a military power that it could care less about, but Japan has overstepped its bounds by equating the conflict with Ukraine over the Taiwan Strait.As is known to all, Taiwan is an inherent territory of China and people on both sides of the Straits are closely linked.Even if Taiwan has not yet returned to the motherland, I believe it is only a matter of time.In response to Japan’s provocative actions, Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian said on March 31 that Taiwan is China’s business and not Japan’s. Japan should not extend its hand too long.The Taiwan question is purely China’s internal affair, which is fundamentally different from the Ukraine question.For some time now, some political forces in Japan have been seeking various ways to make excuses for breaking through the post-war international order and expanding its armed forces. Recently, they have made dangerous noises that violate Japan’s “three principles of non-nuclear weapons”. Its Asian neighbors and the international community are on high alert.As a signatory to the TREATY on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Japan should earnestly fulfill its nuclear non-proliferation obligations.China always opposes the deployment of nuclear weapons by nuclear-weapon states on the territory of other countries.We urge the Japanese side to deeply reflect on history, respect the security concerns of its Asian neighbors and stick to the path of peaceful development, rather than the opposite.Some information reference source: Taiwan Network