Last night!Seven star close appeared the most beautiful “snow police”!

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A closed highway a snow and snow night nearly 36 kilometers of ice and snow road about 40 minutes of hard driving……”Hello, I have a pregnant woman in my car, and I need to take her to the hospital on the highway.”At 1:26 in the morning of February 13 due to snow bi Town high speed traffic management system Bijie city public security traffic management bureau high speed two brigade received a public alarm for help pregnant women are about to give birth to the seven star guancheng area production police on duty Zhao Yong and auxiliary police Song Hang immediately to the pregnant women’s families to understand the situation and inform the highway now situation and risk consequencesIt is recommended to give birth in the nearby Qingchang health center if it is necessary to go to qixing Pass city, ambulance and doctor escort are needed. After understanding the situation, the family members also know the snow and freezing weather and complicated highway conditions, the nearby pregnant women will be sent to the health center. At 2:26, the family members of pregnant women again received help from the health center does not have safe delivery conditionsBy the hospital the ambulance and doctor escorted to seven star city production time is life, think twice Zhao yong and decisive decision for pregnant women to open a song the “channel” snow under the bigger The thickness of pavement snow nearly 5 cm Complicated road driving conditions “follow our car, keep distance, be sure to control the speed of the car.”In the driver to explain matters needing attention on the snowy road vehicles on the anti-skid chain in Zhao Yong’s unceasing exhortation to ensure safety in the case of two cars headed for the seven star city of the high-speed 40 minutes after the vehicle safety arrived at the Teting toll station to remind the driver to fasten seat belts pay attention to slow,To ensure the safety of driving Zhao Yong and Song Hang immediately returned to duty after Zhao Yong and family members understand the situation that at 4:30 in the morning pregnant woman gave birth to a baby girl mother and daughter peace snow, as scheduled to police,Not far away from them has been to protect our peace producer | Jiang Yejun producer | | Li Xiuyu final to kun peng editing | MuLiKun edit | | Gong Ruixuan reporters Deng Duo news hotline 0857-8345777 | light and for seven close the two traffic police thumb up left left left