Let young people say goodbye to the difficulty of choice, huff red rabbit full dimension crushing the public to explore the film

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The plethora of compact SUVs in today’s car market gives consumers plenty of choice.They can compare prices, configurations, and strive to buy the most cost-effective one.The reason why the compact SUV market is so active is that it has many advantages.Big SUVs, for example, have a lot of space but are hard to park and are expensive.A compact SUV stands out because it has just the right amount of space and is affordable.And when it comes to the most in, the most concerned compact SUV models, Hafu Red Rabbit and Volkswagen Explorer are leaders in this field, so if the two do a full-dimensional comparison, who can be better?(Hafu Red Rabbit) Today with the price of 123,800 yuan Hafu Red rabbit 1.5T platinum rabbit and the price of 151,900 yuan Volkswagen Explorer 280TSI R-line intelligent version as an example, to bring you the most detailed analysis of comparison.For young people who pursue trends and pay attention to personality, the appearance of a car is an important consideration when buying a car.The overall design of Hafu Red Rabbit carries out the trend concept of “simplicity, delicacy and sport”, which well interprets the aesthetic of contemporary young people’s sports life.In the past, the vehicle adopts the design of “stunning · tidal force awakening aesthetics”. Whether it is the front face composed of electric streamer grille and new functional matrix headlights, or the taillight of Cyberpunk wind, it directly pulls the sense of future science and technology and sports feeling full, and also firmly holds the eyes of the young generation.(Hufu Red Rabbit) While the public film is slightly older in appearance. Although it has the support of R-line sports kit, it gives people the visual effect. It is just adding some smoky decorations in the normal design, and the overall style can not escape from conservative.In terms of interior design, the gap between the two cars is even bigger, even the gap between the two generations.The Hafu Red Rabbit adopts the touch screen of space-time interaction, the interior decoration of the land battle cabin and the science fiction 5D handle. It is not only full of scientific and technological sense, but also very smooth in the information reading and the ease of human-computer interaction. It has both the appearance level and practicality.In terms of workmanship, Huff red rabbit can choose black brown and black two colors, creating a delicate style and high-grade texture.There is no surprise in the interior of the popular film, as always, the popular style, strong sense of plastic.If beautiful appearance can arouse the interest of consumers, then extraordinary power is the key factor to conquer them.(Hufu Red rabbit) Young people’s sports can not do without two things, one is athletic talent, one is sports equipment.”I have them all,” the Hare told them loudly.The first is motivation that is strong enough to bring real athletic pleasure.(Volkswagen Explorer) With almost the same displacement, Huff Red Rabbit beats Volkswagen Explorer in all directions from horsepower, torque and 100km acceleration performance. See the table below for specific parameters.In terms of chassis, The Haffer Red Rabbit is equipped with the front McPherson + rear multi-link independent suspension, while the Volkswagen Explorer is the front McPherson + rear torsion beam suspension.It is clear that the performance of multi-link is superior to torsion beam suspension in dynamic driving response.This is the athleticism of the Huff Red rabbit.Young people who pursue perfection not only care about appearance and power, but also attach great importance to intelligent configuration.(Hafu Red Rabbit) At the equipment level, Hafu Red Rabbit is equipped with parallel assistance, lane departure warning, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition and fatigue driving hints and other functions, holding intelligent safety equipment, so that sports more bold, more enjoyable.In terms of comfort, the Hare comes with practical features such as dual seat heating, HUD, wireless charging for phones, built-in dashcam, facial recognition, and FOTA wireless upgrades.And these public screening is not equipped, it seems a little behind The Times.In this respect, consumers understand that the more configuration, of course, the better.To sum up, huff red Rabbit thinks more clearly about “movement”.Young people want a sense of movement, not just the appearance of the kit, but the attitude of movement from the inside out.(Hafer red rabbit) summary, Hafer red rabbit has a high appearance level support, and provides a wealth of intelligent configuration, but also has strong power and excellent quality, really do the commuting self-driving two suitable, engine travel without shackles, strength far beyond the public.Choose Hafu Red rabbit to expand the living radius and seize the wonderful future together.