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In the morning, when I pushed the window, snowflakes floated in the sky, like feather, apricot and plum petals, gently soft and soft, slowly floating.This is the third snow of 2022.For a time, I play heart suddenly, hurriedly eat breakfast.Dress well, take an umbrella, invite madam and big aunt little sister together climb slope mountain snow.Zhongpo National Forest Park, 638.6 meters above sea level, is located in the northern suburb of Huaihua City, Hunan Province, covering a total area of 1367 hectares, with a forest area of 1286 hectares and a forest coverage rate of 94.1%.Therefore, Huaihua is also known as a city where lungs breathe.Came to the slope after the mountain, snow stopped, stop it, anyway, I thought: there is snow to enjoy snow, no snow mountaineering.Talking and laughing all the way, when we walked to the cherry garden, the sky began to snow again, and the bigger the next.”Wow!It’s so beautiful, I’m so lucky!”Coming back from Shenzhen for the Spring Festival, little sister dances.We were glad to see her happy.Because she hasn’t been back in years, hasn’t seen snow in years.As we walked up the mountain taking photos, the snow was 5 to 10 cm thick, white as flour and mossy.Step on soft soft waxy waxy, come out to be like to have not of slightly crunch, leave two clear footprints.The withered grass and wild flowers on both sides of the road are covered with a thick “duvet” and are sleeping sweetly.Thick woods on the mountain, covered with snow, like snowdrops open.Snow, while big, overwhelming;While small, a piece, intermittently…In order to take a picture, we simply folded the umbrella, open both hands, to meet the visit of the auspicious flowers, one or two pieces of ground into the palm, see the melting, into tiny drops of water, cool.Walking, accidentally, touched by the heavy snow bending tree and bamboo, soft as cotton flower snow group, fluttering sound to fall down, hit the head, the body.A lump, a lump, not a bit of pain, just a bit of cold comfort, even can’t bear to shake it off.Because we went up the mountain early, there were few pedestrians and the forest was silent.Only the creaking of the snow as we tread, and the falling snow, the falling snow on the trees.The wind is not so cold, I feel a little hot climbing, there is no dust in the air, take a breath, cool with a little sweet, refreshing.Halfway up the Zhongpo Mountain, we enjoyed the tea garden, where tea trees were in bud in the snow, waiting for the arrival of spring.We continued to walk through the snow to the top of the mountain. The higher we went, the colder it got. The snow on the mountain got thicker and thicker, 15 to 20 centimeters.To the top of the mountain, looking ahead, the mountains are covered in silver, such as running galloping wax, magnificent momentum.Overlooking Huaihua, white snow, red vegetable wrapped, especially enchanting.We pulled out our phones and took picture after picture of the magnificent snow.Although the shooting technique is ordinary, the close contact, the field, the real scene, the real situation still makes me happy, hands and feet, busy.While we were enjoying ourselves, a telephone rang. It was my father-in-law calling and telling us to come back for dinner at 4:30 PM.There was no way, in order not to let the family elders wait for us, had to go down the mountain.Unexpectedly, braving snow mountaineering, it is easier to go up the mountain than down.”It’s easy to slip down the hill, so don’t take too big a step and keep your feet steady.”Let me tell you.Everyone followed my downhill guide, although there were slippage steps on the road, but no one slipped.As we went down, we looked back at the snow-covered trees and our own footprints in the snow.A good snow promises a good harvest.The Spring Festival, the snow is too timely, indicating the year of the Tiger, tiger tiger alive, dragon teng Tiger jump, like a tiger with wings, 虎踞龙盘, indicating that our great motherland is more prosperous, great people are more happy and healthy.