Parents’ expectations for their children determine their future development. Don’t let them down easily

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Parents’ expectations of their children vary from generation to generation.As a baby, parents want their child to grow up healthily.When they are teenagers, parents want their children to be happy and carefree, study hard and make progress every day.When they are young, parents want their children to fall in love and succeed at work.In middle age, parents expect their children to have a successful career, a happy family and a promotion step by step.In old age, parents want their children to feel safe, happy, healthy and happy, and not to burden them.Parents’ expectations of their children are constantly changing.At each stage of their lives, they face different problems, different environments, different expectations.Every parent has different expectations for their children since they are born.During school, parents want their children to be the best.In terms of making friends, I want the kids to socialize with other students.Every parent has high expectations for their children.But as children grow up, their thoughts, actions and achievements are revealed.Let your parents’ expectations slowly start to change.Excellent children will naturally make their parents more and more expect his metamorphosis, while naughty children will make their parents gradually lower their expectations for their children.So, as those parents lower their expectations for their children, will children really become the ordinary people their parents imagined?I think parents’ expectations play a crucial role in children’s growth and development.Naturally, parents want their children to be successful and even successful in the future.However, as children grow up, they are inevitably disappointed, so expectations get lower and lower.But such expectations exist not only in parents, but also in children.Children also care about their parents’ feelings and their status in their parents’ hearts.Will care about their parents to their attention.If the child is in a bad state or other reasons to lead to worse and worse learning, and parents are very hard on their own, over time, it will let the child have a very big pressure.Because in their hearts, they want to do what their parents want.But what does he think when he learns that his expectations exceed his own?Parents give up on themselves.There are two extremes.Second, children do not give up, I hope parents see their own great potential.The second type of child starts to give up on himself.If parents don’t pay attention to themselves, who else do they want to show it to?Therefore, parents’ expectations play a crucial role in their children’s future development.Don’t let children down easily.Every parent should believe that their children can make a difference.Children’s development is not as smooth as their parents imagine.They will encounter many difficulties and obstacles, and many thorns and setbacks.As a child, he continued to grow physically and mentally.When he meets difficulties, he gets discouraged and wants to give up.They don’t experience a lot of frustration and can have a lot of mood swings.So we can all understand the occasional loss and frustration.However, parents should not have such worries and lost expectations.Because they believe in their children, they choose to believe unconditionally.Parents’ opinions may be easily changed, but they also have a bearing on their children’s future development.