Romance is essentially a kind of consumption. Romance is to make something worthless valuable

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Romance, by its very nature, is also based on your worth, and romance is a losing trade.For example, if a man gives you a wild flower by the roadside, if he has no value, you will think he has a mental illness, poor joy, nonsense.On the other hand, if he’s valuable, you think he’s romantic, he’s fun, he’s life style, you’re good at creating a little atmosphere, that’s what women like to say.As a woman, we have to look at the man how much he is worth, is he rich?Is there any family background?Do you have a career?One of us is not to be cheated out of our romance.Number two, we have to be romantic.And I certainly don’t want you to be the bad guy.Romance is essentially a kind of consumption, romance is the worthless things fry very valuable, very romantic.For example, if a man buys you 999 roses, some women will think it is romantic, you are actually duped, it is useless.Those who fall for it enjoy this kind of false, unrealistic romance, which is essentially a form of consumption.Either you are being consumed, or the person who gave you the romance is being consumed.Women want to pursue romance, in fact, is the routine of the TV series, is to talk about feelings with feelings, in fact, is very stupid.Romance, by its very nature, is a kind of consumption.Someone who spent 5 years in a stupid relationship, you’re 23, you’re 28, 5 years of your youth is gone, 5 years of your youth is wasted, 5 years of your youth is wasted, 5 years of your youth is still not figuring out who he is, you’re stupid.A woman’s youth is more precious than a man’s. Every man who has the ability will choose a woman between 20 and 23 years old, because age is the most important part of female reproductive value. When you are 28 years old, it means that other chips are higher, otherwise the price will drop severely, and the probability can only find a bad man.Include sister younger brother love, other also is this elder sister to maintain very young and beautiful, eye raising, plus connotation and experience extra points.In fact, women 20-23 years old, is the most easy to find quality men, quality men are too easy to get, but many women do not listen to Teacher Chen’s class, he does not understand the love treasure book in the transaction thinking, chip theory, spiritual investment, you simply do not understand the psychological needs and physical needs of men.Some women have a lot of money, she doesn’t need material things, because she is always buying luxuries, she doesn’t value these things.What does she need?She needs someone with a culture.She needs men who can compose poems and recite tang and Song poems.She thinks this is very romantic, she thinks you send a flower, also can say a poem.Good men, on the other hand, have careers, businesses, ideas that women are not good at wasting, and because good men are often concerned with practical benefits, they become very realistic and less romantic.Women love romance. This douche bag likes flowers.He ordered flowers for the women, and they were cheap, tens of dollars.That’s what women love.For example, opening a door for you, moving a chair, tying a shoelace, you often get paid for these little gestures.And the effeminate man, may be professional training, or learning, up to something, probably not clean body, feminine men by the least cost take advantage of a woman, it is interesting to note that women eat this set, the exclusion to he spend money man, think that men don’t understand romantic, even from the in the mind think is provide money man kyle, deserve it.Love eventually leads to marriage, into life, the essence of life is only firewood, rice, oil and salt, clothing, housing and transportation of these tangible things.All romance is based on material things.In fact, this is the principle of economics.Women have money, at least not financially.Therefore, those high-quality leftover women find a small milk dog is essentially a loss of trade, others with his money, with his body, but also can learn something.Women consume their beauty more than men consume their beauty.Romance is built on the basis of value, the essence of women like romance is to find rich, rich men to treat her well, and sexy, is the way to attract men.A man’s sex appeal is not as valuable as a woman’s sex appeal.So, sex appeal is a woman conquers a man’s sharp weapon, weight is higher than a man conquers a woman with sex appeal, but want early.A woman only has beauty, she squandered her beauty when she was young, and then as she grew older, she did not do the right thing for her age, and did not create wealth for the family.She is splashing out.She is old, beauty is no longer, generally can only look for economic advantage for men, this is the woman like to enjoy the consequences of waste.In fact, men are more romantic than women, they think that after love, they are willing to pay unilateral efforts for love, unilateral pay, they think that this is taking care of weak, but also in taking care of love, as long as they think that this woman is really love themselves, is really worth it.Don’t be in a relationship for too long.In half a year, at the most, find someone who can marry, who can have a baby, who can get married.Estimate your score and switch to the man.Don’t sell yourself too low and don’t overestimate yourself.Don’t look at the relationship emotionally. Look at it transactional.With emotional thinking mode, it is generally the good side that suffers..