2/7 road long rematch: 2022 opens the first subject

2022-08-03 0 By

Welcome to the iron fans came to the “Long road review” column, today we talk about two topics: valuation, three tyres.Today is the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger, ushered in a good start.After the three strongest weights: infrastructure, banks, two barrels of oil are to go valuation repair logic.Visible market after the pre-holiday slump, risk appetite is very low, this is inevitable.The underlying driving logic of the market is nothing more than these two things: valuation + expectations.If you know what I’m talking about, then you know the ropes.This is the basic logic that only those who pay enough tuition will understand.If you enter my door, according to the underlying logic combined with their own trading system to do, and constantly polish the execution, then it will not be too far from success.The last trading day before the festival started three tires, still strong today.This is also my focus at this stage. During the Spring Festival, I did a lot of combing work, and today I also started the attack mode.This theme is optimistic, the basic logic has four: 1, the stock price fell through, local stocks have the texture of price;2. In line with Guo Jia’s strategy, it belongs to the category of “latest theme” from the perspective of subject matter;3, the time node is clear, three tires will become the main topic of the two sessions;The bottom strong change, the main brewing stage.So, I short a week before the holiday, the last week of the crash on my zero lethality.Today’s admission layout of three children, exit nodes set one to two weeks before the two sessions, that is, the end of February, this rhythm has been calculated.Can walk out, can walk how much, give time.This is what it means to know your destiny.Finally, wish you all a big fortune in 2022.