Jia Xiang: “Spring Festival does not close” service window warm home people

2022-08-03 0 By

On the morning of February 5, Yin Bing, a staff member of jiaxiang County Weizhong Service Center dealing with traffic violations, arrived early at the “Spring Festival does not close” service window, adjusted the computer equipment, cleaned up the desktop sanitation, and patiently waited for the arrival of Ms. Zhang, who had made an appointment to deal with traffic violations.Yin Bing introduced that Ms. Zhang, who was working in Anhui Province, went back to her hometown in Jiaxiang during the Spring Festival. Before the Spring Festival, she had not had time to deal with vehicle traffic violations. She had to hurry back to the company tomorrow, so she made an appointment to deal with illegal business during the Spring Festival holiday.At 9:30 a.m., Ms. Zhang arrived at the Service center for the People of Jiaxiang County on time. Ms. Yin Bing handled the business skillfully for her and reminded Ms. Zhang to take epidemic prevention and control measures during the trip.”It was very quick and the whole process went smoothly.During the Spring Festival can also be handled on-site, now the home service is more and more convenient, let a person feel very warm!”Ms. Zhang was moved to say.Mr. Yang, the active servicemen who also made an appointment for real estate registration during the Spring Festival, praised the “Spring Festival closed” service of the Jiaxiang County Weimin Service Center: “Thank them so much for giving up the rest time of the Spring Festival holiday to deal with my business and help me settle a matter before RETURNING to the team.Gotta like it!”In order to ensure the orderly development of government services during the Spring Festival, convenient for the masses of enterprises and returning personnel, Jiaxiang County for the People service Center continued to carry out the “Spring Festival closed” service action.Set up in the center of the service for the people “the Spring Festival is not close” service window, arrange personnel on duty by turns, combing released the administrative examination and approval, illegal real estate registration, treatment, health care, social security and other 11 window (unit) 71 high frequency list, to handle affairs the crowd out the inconvenience or other special situation is not present, the staff can provide door-to-door service free of charge,We will ensure that businesses and people can get things done easily and quickly during the Spring Festival.”Before the Spring Festival holiday, we released the ‘Spring Festival is not closed’ service notice, published the high-frequency list, clear handling methods, contacts and contact numbers.”Jiaxiang county government affairs service center director Zhang Yiheng said, through the online do, on-site do, appointment do, doorto do a variety of services, the maximum to meet the Spring Festival enterprise masses personalized, all-weather service needs, to achieve the enterprise masses Spring Festival holiday service “at most run once”.During the Spring Festival, jiaxiang County for the people service Center “Spring Festival not closed” window accumulated for the masses of enterprises to provide appointment for 34 times, consulting services more than 320 person-times, door-to-door service 5 times, with practical actions to practice “I do practical things for the masses”.In the next step, Jiaxiang County Service Center for the People will continue to deepen the reform of “delegating power, delegating power and providing services”, constantly promote the standardization of government services, optimize the approval process, simplify handling procedures, innovate service measures, and strive to create a first-class business environment for high-quality economic and social development.(Reporting by Li Chao and Zhang Peilong, correspondent of Dazhong Daily · Dazhong Daily Client Reporter Meng Yi)