Qingyuan District, Ji ‘an city: go deep into the forest area to patrol the mountains and build a solid forest fire safety barrier

2022-08-03 0 By

Recently, the temperature rises, the climate is dry, the forest vegetation water content decreases sharply, the forest fire prevention situation is severe.For effective prevention and control of forest fire, to protect forest resources, and people’s life and property safety, for days, it QingYuan area professional forest fire brigade sent three forest fire XunZhaZu, fire suppression equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) and other equipment, to carry on deep forest, forest fire prone, forest patrol the key inspect regions at the same time,We will carry out field visits at the same time.In the process of outing, the team plotted the key fire risk areas and recorded the basic information such as the distribution characteristics of forest vegetation and the amount of fuel.The people’s governments of towns and townships and forest farms should mark and record the fire-prone areas and surrounding key areas, road facilities, available water sources and emergency rescue forces of all parties, and establish and perfect fire-fighting resource database.In addition, on the basis of actual investigation, the emergency fire situation is envisaged, the development trend of fire is forecasted and analyzed, and the fire-fighting and rescue plan is formulated to provide strong support for the future fire-fighting and rescue operations.At the same time, the advantages of uav’s strong mobility, high flexibility and wide monitoring range should be given full play to organically combine the traditional patrol mode with the emerging technology patrol mode, and UAV will be used in forest fire prevention patrol.Through HIGH-DEFINITION shooting and real-time picture transmission by UAV, the terrain, road traffic, water distribution, vegetation accumulation, fuel load and other conditions in the forest region can be timely recorded and marked, so as to further evaluate the risk level of forest fire and improve the forest data in the region.”A culvert on the road between Shitoubei Reservoir and Mountain Peak Forest has been washed away and vehicles cannot pass through;Futian town longhui Caokeng gorge long, there is a stream with sufficient water, conducive to water fire water intake;There is a biological fire belt on the main ridge of the core area of Baiyun Mountain Forest Park and forms a closed loop with baiyun Mountain reservoir…”With the in-depth development of inspection work, one new situation was quickly mastered, a group of data was recorded in detail.”Reconnaissance work can provide powerful data and information support for us to carry out fire prevention and suppression and natural disaster emergency rescue and disposal work. Only by going deep into the hinterland of the forest region and grasping first-hand information can forest fire prevention work truly be well informed and well prepared.”Yuan Tongjun, battalion commander, said.