Small talk can also be cultural

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Casual talk can also pay attention to some cultural levels — Reflecting on jimin, Wenjun and Wen Juns, the top three poetic exchanges with the help of “wechat” platform for three years: each living in one side, north and south.There are busy people “legs in the air” busy, idle people “open eyes closed” leisure.Even though there is always a serious difference between life and life, Lao 3 always take the initiative to “find leisure” to find fun every day, poetic feeling to bobo two sentences out.Over time, a day “pile” a day of network words add up.Mr. Xian had read it aloud, and it was now the fourth year of three whole years.A rough calculation of 40 characters is made based on daily correspondence.40 words x3 years, there have been more than 43800 words accumulated.Neither for fame nor for profit, but for reciprocity.More for the pure writing friendship between friends.Three friends are really “one friend”.The poet in the real sense is Mr. Ji Min. His “literary” poem greeting opened the wechat platform for you to come and go.And stick to three years of unwavering perseverance.The olive branch never Withers, lifted by the blue clouds above it.After three long years of suffering from the epidemic, I recorded the extraordinary years in the three ordinary years with the words that the elder three had cultivated.It seems that life can also be read or stroked with poetic tentacles.See with one’s own eyes, touch, perception, smell, about current events, about ethics, about the secular things around, about virtual and legend.All things felt can be said in the name of poetry, poetry, poetry, drama.Go my own way, I say I am happy;I think I read, I am flat my oblique.Body in the world, look for poetry field.A word one eye, a sentence a paragraph, also fu yi-wen, also poetry also couplet.Catch in a wonderful moment, thinking in the toss and turn.Dribs and drabs, longitudinal enthusiasm hot spot, gather focus, brainwave of every kind winding.Seeking spiritual pleasure may be a unique way to fight the pandemic.Text thinking, may be able to make lonely mood has a release window.For the most part, friends don’t make research decisions in the form of alcohol or cigarettes.The ends of the earth, a cup of green tea drink are so slightly luxurious.The old three, so!Distance is no longer an obstacle to family and friendship, distance is no longer an excuse for family and friendship.The epidemic merciless barrier to meet, the affection of family and friendship is invincible!”Wechat” is a precious window to convey friendship and text communication.You and I his treasure, with carved from the heart of the text witness.Spring is coming.Even if it is still cold, the new and vigorous Year of the Tiger is indeed leaping around us.The leaves and branches return to green, the earth back to warm, endless wheat fields from south to north, day after day arch out of a different style!2022-02-04. Start of Spring day.The opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Wen Jun, born Liu Hui, is a writer of Beijing-style literature, a member of the Chinese Writers Association (CWA), and the author of the Old Beijing Things.He is a member of Chinese Prose Society, Chinese Poetry Society, Beijing Writers Association and Beijing Folk Artists Association.Liu Hui (Wen Jun) repair for rich, cross a wide range of genres, humorous.