The new store opened at the end of the year impulse song promotion down 35,000

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“Buy FAW-VOLKSWAGEN preferred Runhua Volkswagen” Runhua FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Weicheng District government store is weifang new digital exhibition hall store, the new store opening promotion enjoy: : to the store to see the car that enjoy a beautiful gift;: pay 2000 yuan to 20000 yuan in cash: book a car to hit the golden egg, 100% prize;: Old customers to introduce new visitors to enjoy 2000 yuan factory points;: Enjoy professional free evaluation upon arrival, full brand models can be replaced, subsidy to enjoy 17000 yuan;: 0 down payment ·36 ultra-low monthly payment ·60 ultra-long loan;: starting from 1999 yuan, you can buy 5-year double insurance preferential package. I wish you a safe car, rest assured!: Free oil for car purchase!Maintenance discount!Free maintenance test!★★★ People who buy cars through our exclusive sales consultant can get more benefits.See car buy a car to runhua FAW – Volkswagen is right!: North of 100 meters east of the intersection of Beigong West Street and Tengfei Road (Runhua Automobile Park) Runhua FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Weicheng Store Runhua subordinate enterprises.★★★4009722176: price transparent service close one step in place.Province: newly built stores, Runhua 75 4S stores, enterprise strength, resources, fast car.The 2 handcar replacement service car purchase loan service “worry, rest assured” one-stop insurance butler service runhua group was founded 31 years ago, shandong province within a half-hour service radius.Runhua FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Weicheng store to help you easily realize the dream of buying a car, really let the car and you zero distance!★★★ immediately consult, telephone reservation many concessions, many surprises!The event will run from January 13, 2022 to January 15, 2022