Twelve ditch border police station to carry out solid fireworks safety inspection

2022-08-03 0 By

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the area during the Spring Festival, effectively prevent and curb the occurrence of fireworks and firecrackers safety accidents, recently, changbai Border management brigade Twelve daogou border police station organized the police in-depth area to carry out fireworks safety inspection activities before the festival.In the inspection, the police focus on the business site to see whether holding fireworks business license, fireworks storage is excessive, whether according to the provisions of storage and display, fire equipment according to the requirements of complete configuration and so on, do not meet the requirements of the security risks of the site ordered immediate rectification.At the same time, the police also actively issued safety knowledge publicity materials to the masses, comprehensive publicity fireworks safety management regulations, purchase knowledge and common sense of safety discharge, so that the masses at the root of the security wall, for the coming New Year to create a safe and stable social environment.Through the inspection, further standardize the area fireworks sales point safety management mode, timely eliminate the existence of security risks, for the people to live a safe, peaceful Spring Festival laid the foundation.Author Wu Aidong reporter Guo Xiaoyu editor-in-chief Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor Chi Ruibing