Chen Qing forget to admire modern, spoil you back to the young 219, Blue Zhan can not help, Wei Ying hot red face

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Chen Qing forget to admire modern, pet you back to the young 219, Blue Zhan can not help, Wei Ying hot red face corridor footsteps away, the ward also then quiet down.”Shall I call a doctor?”Blue Zhan asked with concern.Wei Ying shook her head and closed her eyes wearily. “I’m just a little tired. I want to sleep.””Good!”Blue Zhan carefully to Wei Ying tucked, and pull the curtain, lock the door.Looking at the sleeping people, he suddenly wanted to find a place where no one disturb Wei Ying hide, no one can hurt him a bit.Xu is really too tired, Wei Ying this sleep directly to sleep the next day, a open eye on that piece of full concern face.”Well?Do you have any discomfort?””Lanzhan, when did you talk so much?”Wei Ying some lazy voice said blue Zhan heart a tremble, he avoided wei Ying deep eyes, with the back of the hand to stick his forehead, look gradually soft down.”Honestly, are you terribly afraid that I should never wake up?””Wei Ying, be careful!”See you anxious, also drag on the words.I’m awake, it’s okay, don’t be so nervous, you might as well smile when you frown.”Blue Cham tried a smile.Wei Ying “puyi” followed with a smile: “good-looking, ha ha, really too good-looking.”I laugh very good Blue Zhan do not know, he only think Wei Ying’s smile is still so brilliant.It’s only been two months, and seeing those smiles again feels like a lifetime away.In front of the Wei Ying like a cat general blurred lazy appearance has let him temporarily some of the lapse, brain like a current hit, a brief moment of stagnation, then he will be the devil bent down to lower their lips in the two light color of the lip flap light cover.For fear of hurting the wound, Blue Zhan dare not pressure too tight, only let the tongue and do not lose the gentle air in his mouth swept a clean.Close to the footsteps in two people in the mind of the alarm, Blue Zhan quickly got up, patted the clothes, and tidy up the quilt before Wei Ying, look unusually calm, cheeks and ear tips of the crimson betrayed his not calm heart.Wei Ying on the hospital bed was even worse. Her cheeks were red all the way to her neck, which was in sharp contrast to her pale face and her short breathing.Footsteps in the corridor did not go away, but stopped in front of the ward, followed by a cautious knock at the door.Two pairs of eyes looked across the room. It was Mr. And Mrs. Jiang.Lanzhan calmly opened the door and nodded politely, but his eyes were alert.Yu Ziyuan put her bag on the bed carefully. Seeing Wei Ying’s appearance, she became nervous and stretched out her hand to feel wei Ying’s forehead: “Baby, do you have a fever? Why are you so red?””Yu aunt I have nothing, ha ha, quilt cover too strict, hot.””Really?Don’t…”Yu Ziyuan stopped talking in the middle, turned around and opened the bag to expose the heat preservation bucket inside: “I cooked the ribs soup you love, and drank it while it was hot. The hotel conditions are simple, but I don’t know whether it is suitable for you.””The spareribs soup that yu aunt does had better drink.””Well, drink more.”Yu Zi Yuan sobbed as she spoke.”Now, don’t bother the child.”Jiang Fengmian patted Yu Ziyuan on the shoulder and said to Wei Ying, “Baby, I booked the ticket with your aunt in the afternoon and will go back today. We can’t help but make trouble. We will come to see you when you are better.””Uncle Jiang, don’t say that.”Jiang Fengmian comfort, he also red eyes.Blue Cham can not help, Wei Ying confused.Thank you for supporting monkey’s daydream.