East west big data has become a recent hot spot, select 15 most authentic concept stocks for reference

2022-08-04 0 By

East and West calculation, big data has become a hot plate recently, will create magic constantly, the enthusiasm of the show in turn passion stocks, the enthusiasm degree should be no less than the meta-universe, grasp the rotation of individual stocks, now select 15 authentic East and West calculation concept stocks:Capital Online, Ymicon, AofI Data, Cloud Saizhilian, Asian Union Development, Ningbo Construction engineering, Yanhua Intelligence, Zhengtong, Jiatu, Data port, Meili cloud, Zhejiang University Net new, Yakang Shares, Guiguang network, Zeros.The common denominator of these stocks is that the main business or subsidiaries have major business and technical capabilities such as big data, cloud computing and data centers, and have good performance in the field of computer software. The above stocks are for reference only and do not constitute any investment advice.What is counting east and Counting West?It is to build advanced data centers and introduce the new computing power system integrating big data and cloud computing from east to west, just like the south-to-North water diversion project, which is practical, practical and practical.