Eat and live on the cliff of the husband and wife, dare not have big action at night, a little careless may fall off the cliff

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Exercise is good for people’s health, and in our life, there are three types of exercise.One is health campaigns.Some elderly people, for example, do aerobic exercises such as jogging and tai Chi every day to keep fit.The second kind is strengthening exercise.Some people want to make their body better and their body healthier.They do some strenuous exercise on purpose.This exercise will make their body more robust.Third, extreme sports.Some friends who are keen on fitness are no longer satisfied with some strenuous exercise.They pursue more exciting extreme sports.For example, a foreign couple like extreme rock climbing.In their spare time, the couple do some rock climbing.And they don’t do it indoors, they do it on the side of a steep cliff.Before setting out, the couple will carry a lot of tools and equipment.But their equipment is different.They prepare plenty of food and simple tents that can be anchored to the cliff.The main reason they prepare these things is that they are afraid that they are only halfway up the cliff.So they would set up a simple tent halfway up the cliff and rest on the edge.This life is too bold for ordinary people.But it’s a pleasure for the couple.Because they can see the beautiful scenery that others can’t enjoy in the middle of the mountain.To prevent accidents when they sleep at night, they tie their bodies to tents.However, even so, when they sleep, they dare not easily turn over, because a little careless, may fall down.