Good news is the best New Year gift!

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One person contributions, whole family honour the year of the tiger flexibly during the Spring Festival approaching at various levels are “pleased to submit the home” activities to military honors can see and touch to create a strong atmosphere of respect the weight model below small make up take you to the “make track for a star” the second-class hero shi-hai Chen on the eve of the Spring Festival, the rockets army joint portion of the local people’s armed forces, veterans affairs,Together they went to Yongxing Village, Luoyang Town, Suizhou City, Hubei Province, to send comrade Chen Shihai the second-class good news and bonus.In the lively and festive sound of gongs and drums, the excitement of his family was on display.Since joining the army, Chen Shihai has participated in major performance and training tasks for many times, and won professional challenge twice, “award” twice and personal third-class merit twice, and was commended as “Excellent Communist Party member” and “military training model” by the unit.In 2021, he was awarded the second-class merit for his outstanding performance while carrying out a major mission in the Northwest Desert.Chen Shihai’s father Chen Chuangui received the news at that moment, the yard rang out warm applause, neighbors have thumbs-up to Congratulate Chen Chuangui.Neighbor Chen Chuanhua said, “They say the army trains people. Seeing Shihai become so excellent, I want to send my son to the army for training.”Hearing this, Chen Chuangui smiled from ear to ear.On January 25, a joint logistic Support unit (JLSF), together with officials from puning municipal government, the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces and the Veterans Affairs Bureau of Guangdong Province, visited Hecuowei Village in Junbu town to present a plaque and a newspaper to he Guiwen, an active serviceman who had achieved the second-class meritorious service.He Guiwen joined the army 11 years ago, has always aimed at the actual combat hard skills, in 2020, the large unit organized the competition, all the way through the battle, yong won the crown.In 2021, he was awarded the second-class merit award for his outstanding achievements in work.At he Guiwen’s home, military and local leaders congratulated him on his achievements, thanked his family for training excellent talents for the country, encouraged them to support the army construction as always, let He Guiwen continue to make achievements in the barracks, add luster to his hometown.(Huang Xinhai) Third hero Jiang Yanhua recently, a south China Sea army joint Hunan Province Dong ‘an County people’s Armed Forces department, veterans affairs bureau line to active duty soldiers Jiang Yanhua home, for seven years guarding the reef he sent good news.Jiang Yanhua, nanhai section monitor, since joining the army, actively participate in the unit training tasks, and achieved excellent results in various competitions, has been awarded “excellent soldier” 2 times, “excellent sergeant” 2 times, “Four excellent soldier” 1 times, awarded 3 times and third-class merit twice.”Whenever there is a vacation quota, he always gives the opportunity to others and stays on duty on his own initiative. If IT were not for my strong request, this year would be the seventh Spring Festival he spent on the island…”Jiang Yanhua’s wife said.To go to the island is to go to the front, to defend the reef is to defend the position.The people guarding the reefs of Nansha built a series of cay fortresses on the isolated reefs of the sea, never flinched or conceded defeat in the harsh environment, and defended the blue land from beginning to end.Give them a thumbs up!Recently, the leaders of the People’s Armed Forces Department and the Veterans Affairs Bureau of Congjiang County, Guizhou Province, visited the home of pan Shunwei, an active soldier in Panli Village, Douli Town, Congjiang County, to present him with good news for his meritorious service and New Year’s greetings.Firecrackers, lusheng sound, the scene of a warm atmosphere, happy!That the good news came, the villagers spontaneous team to meet the good news team, the good news to pan Shunwei family hands.Since joining the army, Pan Shunwei has taken an active part in various military exercises and been awarded as “Excellent Soldier” for many times. In 2021, he won the third-class merit for his outstanding performance.(Pan Wenjun, Lu Chang) a piece of paper weight to pay tribute to the heroes!Supervisor: Liang Qiying, Tian Junli, Editor: Liu Daofu, Jiang Boxi, Editor: Sun Bingxiang, CAI Menghua, Editor: 1398, email: