Haishu: academician to the home of the primary school to build science station

2022-08-04 0 By

On February 14th, in haishu Central Primary school, “Academician science station” and “Wang Jianyu science and innovation Laboratory” were formally established. The school awarded an appointment letter to academician Wang Jianyu, who was invited to serve as a consultant and tutor.It is reported that Haishu central primary school is the only primary school in Ningbo city.In the future, “jian-yu wang kechuang lab” will serve as teenagers popular science innovation platform, set up the small students interact with cutting-edge technology knowledge link, provide students with more opportunities and academic higher-ups face to face communication, at the same time guide teenagers appreciate beauty, the beauty of science and technology innovation, cultivate love to explore, dare to dig the quality of learning.As the world’s first quantum satellite “Micius” launch commander, Wang Jianyu graduated from Haishu Center primary school in July 1970.In 2017, He served as president of the Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was elected an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.Since June 2019, he has been the president of Hangzhou Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He has long been engaged in the research of space optoelectronic system, information acquisition and processing technology.”It is hard to say which is the best way to learn science, but it certainly requires determination and perseverance. The process of research and exploration is always painful and joyful. Only by persevering can we gain.”At the scene, in the face of students’ questions, Academician Wang Jianyu shared that he hoped that students could acquire knowledge and develop their ability to solve problems, so that the school would be proud of your growth in the future!In fact, students from Haishu Central Primary School have established a deep connection with Academician Wang Jianyu before this.As an alumnus, Academician Wang Jianyu has brought new scientific knowledge to the students of his Alma mater for many times. He also sent precious videos, quantum satellite models and autographed commemorative stamps on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the school.On the eve of the Spring Festival, Yan Xiuwen from Class 402 sent a letter of sympathy to Academician Wang Jianyu.In the letter, Yan xiuwen not only expressed her curiosity and desire for exploration in the field of quantum communication, but also introduced to Academician Wang Jianyu the changes of his Alma mater in recent years and invited Uncle Wang to visit his Alma mater when he was free.Unexpectedly, at the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, students received a reply from Academician Wang.In the letter, he expressed his love and yearning for his hometown and Alma mater, as well as his concern and expectation for the students in his hometown.”Letters from students at my Alma mater take me back to the good school days.It’s been nearly 40 years since I left, but it’s still the place I dream about.””Academician Wang Jianyu wrote in reply.He said: “In today’s temper, do not lose the dream of youth.To realize the Chinese Dream, we need several generations of continuous efforts and innovation, but also need you to grow up quickly and work hard. As long as you have an ordinary heart, adhere to the obsession in your heart, silently move forward toward your desired goal, fully enjoy the fun in the process, you will surely succeed one day.”