The Beijing Winter Paralympics fulfilled China’s promise of “two Olympics of equal splendor”, according to the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee

2022-08-04 0 By

Beijing (CNS) — The Beijing Winter Paralympic Games have fulfilled China’s promise of “two Olympics of equal excellence,” CAI Qi, president of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Winter Games, said at a press conference held at the main media center of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games.In addition to the great success of the event organization, a variety of cultural publicity activities have been carried out.The torch relay for the Winter Paralympic Games was successfully completed.The ceremony combined ceremony and performance. The scene was warm and touching. The performers used sign language to “sing” the national anthem from the bottom of their hearts, and the athletes embedded the torch on the platform.For the first time, the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games will be broadcast in 4K ultra HD format with 360-degree replay, providing an immersive experience for the world’s audience, CAI said.We strengthened cooperation with Chinese and foreign media and jointly carried out news coverage of the torch relay, opening and closing ceremonies and various sports events, leaving a wonderful moment of the Paralympic Winter Games to the world.(CCTV reporter Zhou Peipei, Yang Hongyang, Li Zhigui, Huang Xin)